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MOZAMBIQUE: Love, or the next best thing, for sale
13 October 2008 (PlusNews ), When classes finish at Francisco Manyanga Secondary School in Maputo, capital of Mozambique, most teachers and students head for the bus while others walk home. Júlia*, 16, a 10th-grade student, gets into a luxury car, where a man who looks to be in his 40s waits for her. The man is not her father, but her boyfriend, Lucas*.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Skipping class, skipping treatment
30 September 2008 (PlusNews ), Adjusting to college or university life can be rough – moving into residence, living with roommates, balancing academic demands with those of a social life. Now try taking your antiretroviral (ARV) medication without the whole world knowing you're positive, and things get even more complicated. Disclosing to fellow students and lecturers can help, but is by no means a cure-all.
MOZAMBIQUE: Winning small victories against HIV and TB
29 September 2008 (PlusNews ), Inês Muterua, 29, lies on a frayed straw mat between two mud huts and places an old tin can full of sand by her side. "I usually spit my phlegm into this can to keep from spitting just anywhere and contaminating others, like what happened with me."
GLOBAL: Leadership determines AIDS performance
25 September 2008 (PlusNews ), As South Africa prepared to swear in a new president on 25 September after the dramatic ousting of Thabo Mbeki four days before, attempts by commentators to summarise the former president's mixed legacy have not failed to mention his controversial stance on AIDS.
MOZAMBIQUE: Buried treasure, hidden risks
10 September 2008 (PlusNews ), Gidion Mutata, 37, rolls up his shirt sleeves, picks up his tools and makes his barefoot way to his gold claim in the mining region of Marávia in Mozambique's northwestern Tete province.
MOZAMBIQUE: Long road to successful PMTCT
14 August 2008 (PlusNews ), More and more HIV-positive pregnant women are testing for the virus and seeking out prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services in Sofala Province, in central Mozambique, but local health officials say much work remains to be done.
MOZAMBIQUE: HIV-positive children still not getting treated
28 July 2008 (PlusNews ), In the AIDS unit of the paediatric ward in Beira Central Hospital, Mozambique, four-year-old Jacinto Cruz is glued to the television while he waits his turn to be treated.
MOZAMBIQUE: Tourism, beaches and sex - a recipe for HIV
22 July 2008 (PlusNews ), With its white sand and sunny blue skies, Miramar Beach in the port city of Beira, Mozambique, has all the right ingredients to draw tourists from all over the world.
MOZAMBIQUE: Attitudes to HIV are changing in jail
11 July 2008 (PlusNews ), Sex between prison inmates is a reality at Manica Provincial Prison, in central Mozambique, but because same-sex relations are taboo, and conjugal visits are not allowed, many HIV-positive inmates say they were infected before they were sent to the largest prison in Manica Province.
GLOBAL: AIDS spending breaks records, but needs more focus
8 July 2008 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS funding to low- and middle-income countries reached a record level in 2007, according to a new report by UNAIDS.
MOZAMBIQUE: Crossing borders for ARVs
2 July 2008 (PlusNews ), Zimbabwean Khuda Mutchato has to regularly cross a chain of mountains into Mozambique to improve her chances of survival.
MOZAMBIQUE: ARVs slowly play catch up with HIV caseload
20 June 2008 (PlusNews ), The number of children orphaned by AIDS has doubled since 2003, and the high rate of HIV prevalence has dented Mozambique's growth rates, a new report has found.
AFRICA: Mind your language - a short guide to HIV/AIDS slang
18 June 2008 (PlusNews ), HIV has hit our lives, our families, our economies; it also shapes the way we talk. IRIN/PlusNews looks at how the virus and its impact translates into everyday speech from the streets of Lagos to the townships of Johannesburg, and finds that despite the billions of dollars spent on positive communication strategies, the word on the street remains decidedly negative.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Understanding infidelity
5 June 2008 (PlusNews ), "Multiple, concurrent partnerships" has become the latest catchphrase in the HIV/AIDS lexicon. It refers to the practice of having more than one sexual partner at the same time, which experts say is a key driver of Southern Africa's devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic.
GLOBAL: Less silence, more science could make anal sex safer
27 February 2008 (PlusNews ), The silence and taboo surrounding anal sex is putting millions of men and women at risk of HIV, delegates attending the fourth international microbicides conference in New Delhi, India, heard this week.
GLOBAL: ARVs in microbicide research - keeping hope alive?
25 February 2008 (PlusNews ), After a string of depressing trial results, the fourth international microbicides conference in New Delhi, India, kicked off this week with a ray of hope that new research could deliver a new generation of HIV prevention approaches for women.
MOZAMBIQUE: Sousa Domingos Chilaúle: "(They'd) get up from the bench when I sat down"
18 February 2008 (PlusNews ), Between counselling HIV-positive people and being a leading member of the Xirilu Xa Kudumba (Tears of Hope) association of those living with AIDS, Sousa Domingos Chilaúle spends most of his time encouraging others to be open about their status. It's a far cry from the days where even his closest friends avoided him because he was living with the virus.
MOZAMBIQUE: Art imitates life
12 February 2008 (PlusNews ), "I don't know why you had to go to the hospital," the woman's husband yells furiously. His pregnant wife defends her decision to go to the hospital instead of just trusting the traditional healer. "But I had to know about my health and the health of my baby," she argues. At the hospital, the wife discovers she is HIV positive.
MOZAMBIQUE: A golden voice in AIDS prevention
8 February 2008 (PlusNews ), She has been mesmerizing fans for three decades.
MOZAMBIQUE: Property grabbing leaves orphans destitute
27 December 2007 (PlusNews ), On a farm in the district of Bárue, in the central province of Manica, 16-year-old Helena Ivan hurries home with a small bundle on her head. After hours packaging potatoes, she’s allowed to take a few for herself and the two brothers she has been supporting since her parents died of AIDS-related diseases in 2005.

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