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LESOTHO: Traditions hamper AIDS prevention
11 September 2003 (PlusNews ), Cultural traditions in Lesotho are contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS, a senior official in the government's AIDS council has said.
LESOTHO: Revision of AIDS estimates urged
15 July 2003 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in Lesotho could be much higher than previously estimated, the international NGO, CARE, said on Monday.
LESOTHO: AIDS funding on the way
8 July 2003 (PlusNews ), Lesotho's HIV/AIDS programme is set to benefit from a US $12.5 million Global AIDS Fund grant, the country's ministry of health said on Monday.
LESOTHO: New hope in fight against HIV/AIDS
7 July 2003 (PlusNews ), Lesotho's HIV/AIDS programme received a boost recently with the announcement of a US $12.5 million grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria.
LESOTHO: A way forward on HIV/AIDS
2 July 2003 (PlusNews ), The first time Violet Mofokeng approached other women to talk about sex and disease, it did not go well.
LESOTHO: Growing garment industry fuels AIDS concerns
17 June 2003 (PlusNews ), An international development agency on Monday said Lesotho's growing garment industry was causing concern over the impact of HIV/AIDS on people arriving from rural areas in search of work.
LESOTHO: Growth of garment industry fuels AIDS concerns
16 June 2003 (PlusNews ), Lesotho's expanding garment industry is driving economic growth, but also raising concern over the impact of HIV/AIDS on job-hungry rural people arriving in the cities looking for work.
LESOTHO: Targeted food aid to continue
4 June 2003 (PlusNews ), World Vision in Lesotho will move away from general food distributions to targeted distributions for the most vulnerable, such as people living with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.
LESOTHO: HIV/AIDS devastating farming communities
24 April 2003 (PlusNews ), Lesotho's current land policy reforms have focused on the commercialisation of agriculture to promote economic growth and reduce poverty. But the explosive combination of food insecurity and HIV/AIDS could derail the process, a report has warned.
LESOTHO: More support for women and HIV/AIDS - NGO council
13 February 2003 (PlusNews ), The Lesotho Council of NGOs on Thursday said a move by the government to strengthen its support of women in the HIV/AIDS battle was long over-due.
LESOTHO: Free HIV/AIDS drugs offered by manufacturer
30 January 2003 (PlusNews ), The German drug manufacturer Boehringer-Ingelheim this week offered Lesotho a free five year supply of the antiretroviral drug nevirapine, which prevents the mother-to-child transmission of the HI-virus.
LESOTHO: Twin crises devastating families, UN envoy
24 January 2003 (PlusNews ), United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Humanitarian Needs in Southern Africa, James T. Morris, has highlighted the plight of women and children amid the twin crises of HIV/AIDS and food shortages.
LESOTHO: "Monumental crises" - HIV/AIDS and famine
24 January 2003 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS is exacerbating food shortages in Lesotho, despite international aid over the past six months, a senior UN official said on Thursday.
LESOTHO: Call for "aggressive" media campaign
20 January 2003 (PlusNews ), The UN's resident representative in Lesotho has called on the country's media to embark on an "aggressive campaign" to make people aware of the threat posed by HIV/AIDS.
LESOTHO: Stigma driving epidemic underground
30 October 2002 (PlusNews ), Lesotho has one of the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in Southern Africa, yet stigma and discrimination have driven the epidemic underground.
LESOTHO: Impact of HIV/AIDS on land issues
22 August 2002 (PlusNews ), The current wave of land policy reforms in Lesotho has focused on the commercialisation of agriculture to promote economic growth and reduce poverty. But HIV/AIDS affected households face problems which may not allow them to benefit, a new report has warned.
LESOTHO: Country battles pandemic
29 April 2002 (PlusNews ), Lesotho has one of the highest HIV/AIDS infection rates in the world, yet prevention and treatment programmes are only just getting off the ground.
LESOTHO: PlusNews Interview with King Letsie III
4 February 2002 (PlusNews ), Influential constitutional monarch King Letsie III is more than ever engaged in what he calls "the battle against HIV/AIDS". In the following PlusNews interview King Letsie talks about the need to overcome the taboo of talking about sex, and the "bad habits" that encourage HIV/AIDS in Lesotho.
LESOTHO: PlusNews Country Profile
21 November 2001 (PlusNews ), PlusNews Profile

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