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GLOBAL: HIV, the silent partner in emergencies
10 June 2009 (PlusNews ), Food aid and plastic sheeting are the hallmarks of every disaster, but not always condoms and antiretrovirals, even though humanitarian agencies recognize the link between emergencies and the increased risk of HIV and AIDS.
GLOBAL: Basic healthcare crucial to beating HIV, study
27 May 2009 (PlusNews ), Providing HIV prevention, care and treatment services at well-equipped local clinics could be the key to success in fighting the pandemic in the developing world, a new report by the international anti-poverty NGO, ActionAid, has said.
GLOBAL: Economic downturn puts treatment of millions at risk
29 April 2009 (PlusNews ), After months of speculation about how the global economic downturn might affect HIV/AIDS programmes, a new World Bank report details the projected aftermath of the crisis and how it could place the treatment of more than 1.7 million at risk by year's end.
LESOTHO: Help for positive job hunters
21 April 2009 (PlusNews ), Customers who come into Matseliso Lebakae's shop in Maseru, capital of Lesotho, to buy nutritional supplements, can also browse for an employee or handyman services.
GLOBAL: Real men don’t cry – or do they?
20 April 2009 (PlusNews ), Men don't cry. Men take risks. Men don't ask for help. Men are strong. Men have many sexual partners. These stereotypes of masculinity are contributing to the spread of HIV throughout the world, experts warned at a recent symposium on men and boys.
LESOTHO: Cash for kids
8 April 2009 (PlusNews ), This month, 5,000 orphans and vulnerable children in three districts of Lesotho will start benefiting from a new government scheme to alleviate the poverty preventing them from going to school, having enough to eat and staying healthy.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Universal access - the race is on!
3 April 2009 (PlusNews ), The race is on for countries in Southern Africa to meet their targets of providing universal access to care, treatment and prevention by 2010. But will they make it?
GLOBAL: Prevention the best medicine for TB
26 March 2009 (PlusNews ), Findings from an ongoing South African study into preventative tuberculosis (TB) therapy suggest that prevention really may be the best medicine.
GLOBAL: TB and HIV co-infection crisis a bigger threat
24 March 2009 (PlusNews ), One in four tuberculosis (TB) deaths in the world is HIV-related, twice as many as previously thought, according to a new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
GLOBAL: Rape survivors need better emergency care - MSF
9 March 2009 (PlusNews ), People who have suffered sexual violence in countries facing humanitarian crises need much more accessible, comprehensive and confidential care than is currently available, says a new report by the international medical charity, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
GLOBAL: HIV incidence rising in 50+ age group
3 March 2009 (PlusNews ), The number of older people with HIV may be increasing worldwide, but doctors seldom consider screening them for HIV, thus delaying diagnosis, according to an article in the World Health Organisation's March Bulletin.
GLOBAL: New insight into HI-virus
27 February 2009 (PlusNews ), New research has revealed the extent and speed at which the HI virus can adapt to overcome the body's own evolving defence systems.
LESOTHO-SOUTH AFRICA: Cross-border health crisis hits mineworkers
19 February 2009 (PlusNews ), Two years ago Mopeli Mofoka, 39, left his wife and child in Maseru, Lesotho's capital, and joined the more than 50,000 men pushed by poverty and unemployment in their home country to seek work on mines in neighbouring South Africa.
GLOBAL: A glimmer of hope for microbicide research
10 February 2009 (PlusNews ), After years of disappointments, AIDS researchers have announced results from a trial in which a vaginal microbicide appeared to offer promise in preventing HIV infection in women.
GLOBAL: Optimistic UNAIDS sets ambitious goals
10 February 2009 (PlusNews ), Wearing an orange "HIV Positive" t-shirt, the new executive director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibe, this week outlined his vision for the UN agency at the Ubuntu Clinic in Khayelitsha township in Cape Town, South Africa.
GLOBAL: Global Fund facing shortfall
6 February 2009 (PlusNews ), The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which supplies one-quarter of all AIDS funding, is facing a funding gap of US$5 billion.
LESOTHO: Mary, "There are days when I feel sick but I have to come to work anyway"
5 February 2009 (PlusNews ), Mary*, 23, a quality checker at one of the many clothing factories in Maseru, Lesotho's capital, is among the estimated 43 percent of workers in the garment sector who are living with HIV. She is getting free treatment and care for herself and her baby from an initiative called the Apparel Lesotho Alliance to Fight AIDS (ALAFA).
LESOTHO: Big brands bring treatment to factory floor
5 February 2009 (PlusNews ), At precisely 11:30 a.m. the parking lot of Precious Garments, one of the many clothing factories in Maseru, Lesotho's capital, fills with thousands of workers hurrying through drizzling rain to take their lunch break.
LESOTHO: Mojalefa Lee, "Everything is condemning us"
3 February 2009 (PlusNews ), Mojalefa Lee, 59, worked on South Africa's gold mines for 18 years before returning to his home in Mohale's Hoek in southwestern Lesotho. After a bout of tuberculosis in 2003, he tested positive for HIV.
LESOTHO: "We need food"
3 February 2009 (PlusNews ), Moroke Moletsane has been trying to coax some vegetables from the small garden in front of his home in Mohale's Hoek, a rain-starved district in southern Lesotho.

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