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KENYA: Ooko* and Pamela* - Snapshot of a jaboya relationship
9 February 2010 (PlusNews ), Ooko*, a fisherman in his mid-twenties operating mainly from Kisumu's Dunga beach, and Pamela*, a fish trader about 10 years older, have been in a sexual relationship for two years. He gives her the pick of his catch and she gives him companionship and sexual favours.
KENYA: Poverty hinders the fight against Nyanza's fishy sex trade
9 February 2010 (PlusNews ), If you were a fishmonger in Kisumu, a city on Lake Victoria in western Kenya, you would have to sleep with the fishermen to get stock to sell so you could make a living. A year ago Lucy Agoya got fed up with the practice and rallied a few women to take a stand against it.
KENYA: Gung-ho grannies learn self-defence
27 January 2010 (PlusNews ), In a community hall in Korogocho, a slum in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, an instructor takes his students through their paces, but unlike the usual fitness fanatics, today's class is a group of elderly women learning self-defence techniques.
KENYA: Special tribunal for HIV-related issues
21 January 2010 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government has created the first ever tribunal to handle legal issues relating to HIV, including discrimination against people living with HIV and protecting the confidentiality of medical records.
AFRICA: Crackdowns on gays make the closet safer
19 January 2010 (PlusNews ), More than two-thirds of African countries have laws criminalizing homosexual acts, and despite accounting for a significant percentage of new infections in many countries, men who have sex with men tend to be left out of the HIV response.
KENYA: New strategy targets most at-risk populations
13 January 2010 (PlusNews ), Kenya has launched an ambitious strategy to fight HIV/AIDS that aims to reduce new infections by at least 50 percent over the next four years and focus more on most at-risk populations.
KENYA: Everlyn Masha Koya, "My parents and neighbours are still not convinced I am no longer a prostitute"
7 January 2010 (PlusNews ), Everlyn Masha Koya, 22, is a sex worker-turned-peer educator in Isiolo town in Kenya's Eastern Province. Now the owner of a successful small business, she told IRIN/PlusNews about the extreme poverty that drives many young women in the region into sex work.
KENYA: The fringe benefits of male circumcision rollout
6 January 2010 (PlusNews ), James Nango discovered he had syphilis when he visited a clinic in his home town of Kisumu, in western Kenya's Nyanza Province, in 2009, hoping to be circumcised as a way of reducing his HIV risk.
KENYA: Call to protect human rights during HIV testing drive
30 December 2009 (PlusNews ), An international rights group has called on the Kenyan government to ensure that human rights are protected during the country's national door-to-door voluntary HIV testing and counselling drive which began in February 2009.
KENYA: Maasai warriors take on AIDS
29 December 2009 (PlusNews ), Attempts to promote HIV awareness among Kenya's Maasai community have often foundered on the community's unwillingness to accept externally driven change; but a new initiative is using Maasai 'morans', or warriors, to spread the word.
KENYA: Testing campaign surpasses one million target
24 December 2009 (PlusNews ), An ambitious, door-to-door voluntary testing and counselling exercise launched in November resulted in more than 1.5 million Kenyans being tested for HIV, according to a senior government official.
KENYA: Cash alone won't make microfinance work
23 December 2009 (PlusNews ), Two years ago, fed up with a husband who drank too much and provided too little, Julie Amunga, who lives in the sprawling Mathare slum in the capital, Nairobi, decided to start a business that would enable her to support her family.
KENYA: PEPFAR doubles AIDS funding
17 December 2009 (PlusNews ), The US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has pledged US$2.7 billion over the next five years to advance HIV programmes in Kenya - a 112 percent increase.
KENYA: Stavudine to be phased out - gradually
10 December 2009 (PlusNews ), Kenyan patients on stavudine, an antiretroviral drug in widespread use, which the UN World Health Organization (WHO) wants phased out, will have to wait a little longer to be put on alternative medication.
KENYA: "Men of the blood" come clean
9 December 2009 (PlusNews ), Every December, the village of Kangete, in eastern Kenya's Nyambene District, gears up for yet another season of festivities - not Christmas, however, but the initiation of hundreds of young men into manhood through circumcision.
KENYA: Meeting Muslim leaders halfway on HIV education
8 December 2009 (PlusNews ), "Desist from engaging in adultery, go for HIV tests, do not allow your sons and daughters to marry before they are tested... if you are positive go to the hospital and get free drugs."
KENYA: Unprotected sex with multiple partners widespread - survey
26 November 2009 (PlusNews ), Kenyan men and women are continuing to have unprotected sex with multiple partners - despite numerous national media campaigns to sensitise the public to the dangers of sex without a condom and multiple partners.
KENYA: New drive aims to test one million in three weeks
25 November 2009 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government has launched an ambitious HIV campaign to test at least one million people across the country over a three-week period.
KENYA: The talking rocks of Emuhaya
24 November 2009 (PlusNews ), Fifteen years ago, Dan On'gayi was the first person in the western Kenyan village of Emuhaya to go public with his HIV status; at the time, the reaction from his community was so vitriolic he considered taking his own life.
KENYA: Stigma holding back the fight against TB
19 November 2009 (PlusNews ), When Dorothy*, a single mother of five, told her neighbours in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, she had tuberculosis (TB), she expected sympathy and maybe even offers of help. Instead, she found herself so severely ostracized, she felt she had to move out.

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