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KENYA: 1.1 million HIV/AIDS orphans
14 August 2002 (PlusNews ), The official figure for numbers of HIV/AIDS orphans in Kenya is now 1.1 million, Kenneth Chebet, the head of the National AIDS Control Council told PlusNews on Wednesday.
KENYA: Update on importation of HIV/AIDS drugs
12 August 2002 (PlusNews ), Activists are racing against the clock to have the Industrial Property Act amended to enable the importation of generic anti-retroviral drugs into Kenya, before parliament goes into recess on Tuesday.
KENYA: Focus on importation of HIV/AIDS drugs
5 August 2002 (PlusNews ), Pressure is mounting on the Kenyan government to re-amend the Industrial Property Act to allow for the importation of generic anti-retroviral medicines (ARVs) into the country.
KENYA: Activists unhappy with new HIV/AIDS law
8 July 2002 (PlusNews ), Activists in Kenya are seeking ways to reverse a new law which they say blocks the importation and local manufacture of much-needed cheaper, generic AIDS drugs.
KENYA: Soccer tournament highlights plight of street children
31 May 2002 (PlusNews ), Hundreds of Kenyan slum and street children on Thursday thronged the National Stadium in Nairobi for the finals of a soccer tournament, organised as part of an initiative to combat drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.
KENYA: Anti-AIDS groups demand urgency to match crisis
20 May 2002 (PlusNews ), AIDS organisations meeting in Nairobi on Sunday urged Kenya's political, religious and community leaders to intensify the fight against the disease, and provide better leadership and guidance to society in the face of the scale of the pandemic.
KENYA: Drug shortages jeopardise patients - NGOs
16 April 2002 (PlusNews ), The cost of certain HIV/AIDS drugs has dropped in recent months, but shortages are placing many patients at risk, says a coalition of NGOs.
KENYA: Drug shortages 'critical' - MSF
9 April 2002 (PlusNews ), A severe shortage of two antiretrovirals (ARVs) produced by leading pharmaceutical Bristol-Myers Squibb in Kenya, could have critical repercussions for patients, says Medecines sans Frontieres (MSF.
KENYA: HIV/AIDS vaccines trials underway
6 February 2002 (PlusNews ), Kenya's AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI) will embark on the second part of their HIV/AIDS vaccine trials this week after preliminary results of the trials indicated signs of success last year, the project manager told PlusNews.
KENYA: Poor ARV programme infrastructure hampers efforts
8 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Disagreement on the infrastructure for Kenya's antiretroviral programme has made it difficult to have a coordinated approach to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the director of the AIDS Control Programme told PlusNews on Tuesday.
KENYA: AIDS group suggests worrying attitudes among youth
13 December 2001 (PlusNews ), A small-scale discussion group on youths' attitudes to sexuality and sexual diseases in Kakamega, western Kenya, has suggested that young Kenyans remain seriously misinformed about HIV/AIDS and that many continue to engage in unsafe sexual practices.
KENYA: Soapy to dramatise HIV/AIDS issues
3 December 2001 (PlusNews ), Plans are underway to put Kenya's campaign against HIV/AIDS on the airwaves via 'Heart and Soul', a soap opera for television and radio, a UNDP statement announced on Monday. Street theatre performances are also in the works.
KENYA: Gay and positive - World AIDS Day Special
30 November 2001 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS activism has been growing in Kenya in recent years, but it is still rare for men who have sex with men to come out of the closet while also coming clean about their HIV status.
KENYA: HIV/AIDS patients fight for healthcare
23 November 2001 (PlusNews ), The Kenya Network of Women with AIDS (KENWA) is fighting to help HIV-positive women overcome resistance from health workers to their treatment for health problems, both related and unrelated to HIV/AIDS.
KENYA: Government considers compelling doctors to name AIDS patients
4 October 2001 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government may soon compel doctors to disclose the HIV status of their patients in a bid to curb the spread of the pandemic.
KENYA: Initial results of vaccine trials show signs of success
27 September 2001 (PlusNews ), Preliminary results of the Kenya HIV/AIDS vaccine trials have indicated signs of success and the project has been cleared to progress to the next phase, Dr Omu Anzala, project manager for the Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI), told PlusNews on Thursday.
KENYA: HIV/AIDS prevalence stabilised - government
25 September 2001 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government announced on Monday that the use of condoms had led to a reduction in HIV/AIDS cases, ‘The Standard’ newspaper reported.
KENYA: Some stick to old sex habits despite HIV/AIDS
24 September 2001 (PlusNews ), A significant number of Kenyans had not changed their sexual behaviour in spite of massive public awareness about HIV/AIDS, the ‘Daily Nation’ on Monday quoted a new survey as saying. The survey also highlighted a lack of HIV/AIDS awareness among teenagers, the newspaper report said.
KENYA: No money for drugs despite Drug Importation Bill
13 September 2001 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government announced on Wednesday that it did not have enough money to buy anti-retroviral drugs needed to treat HIV/AIDS, even though its parliament recently passed legislation allowing the country to import and manufacture cheaper generic drugs, the ‘Standard’ newspaper has reported.
KENYA: 250 HIV/AIDS testing centres to be opened soon
4 September 2001 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government is to establish 250 voluntary testing and counselling centres for HIV/AIDS by next year, reported the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday.

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