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KENYA: Edward Gene, Kenya, "I couldn't believe she was HIV-positive and I was HIV-negative"
4 September 2007 (PlusNews ), Edward Gene* lives in the sprawling slum of Kibera, in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. He is HIV-negative but his common-law wife, Josephine*, is HIV-positive. IRIN/PlusNews spoke to the couple.
KENYA: Slow response to high HIV rates in prisons
31 August 2007 (PlusNews ), The problem of HIV in Kenya's prisons - where prevalence is about twice the national average - will remain unsolved as long as homosexuality is illegal, and prevention efforts remain out of reach, experts have warned.
KENYA: Paediatric care still facing major drawbacks
30 August 2007 (PlusNews ), Kenya's antiretroviral programme has grown by leaps and bounds since a presidential declaration made the drugs available free of charge in 2006, but infected children are still not accessing medication as easily as adults.
KENYA: Activists urge government to implement HIV/AIDS law
17 August 2007 (PlusNews ), Kenya's HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Act was signed into law in December 2006, but eight months on, it is yet to be implemented.
KENYA: Lower infection rate creates new challenges
15 August 2007 (PlusNews ), New statistics showing a decline in Kenya's HIV prevalence demonstrate that the government's fight against the pandemic is having an impact, but they also present fresh challenges, health officials said this week.
GLOBAL: A new tool for measuring stigma
11 July 2007 (PlusNews ), Rejection. Fear. Anger. These are some of the feelings that come to the surface when HIV-positive women talk about stigma and discrimination.
GLOBAL: Women want a bigger piece of the funding pie
10 July 2007 (PlusNews ), After burning the midnight oil for many weeks while preparing a US$50 million gender-based project proposal to lay before the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, Swazi activists found that it had vanished from their country's grant application. They were dumbfounded.
GLOBAL: Sexuality a human right for HIV positive women
9 July 2007 (PlusNews ), Abstinence or a sexually active life? The dilemma, faced daily by HIV-positive women around the world, was discussed by delegates attending the first global conference on women and AIDS, in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.
KENYA: Emily Akinyi, "I cried that night till there was no more tears"
9 July 2007 (PlusNews ), Emily Akinyi, 30, a widowed mother of two children, is studying towards a diploma in community development.
GLOBAL: Global forum for women with HIV
5 July 2007 (PlusNews ), AIDS does not only travel with truckers along African highways; it flies business class with men in dark suits, crawls into marriages and lurks in playgrounds. It smiles at you every day at work and, disproportionately, affects African women and girls because of gender inequalities.
KENYA: Protecting widows from dangerous customs
19 June 2007 (PlusNews ), Peres Atieno didn't know what AIDS was when her husband died 11 years ago, nor did she suspect she might be HIV-positive. What she did know was that custom required her to be inherited by her dead husband's brother, a relationship that would ensure she and her children were taken care of.
KENYA: Growing concerns about adherence as rollout expands
6 June 2007 (PlusNews ), Nearly half of Kenyans in need of life-prolonging antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, are now accessing them. But a growing concern for healthcare workers is ensuring that these people stick to the medication.
KENYA: Smaller AIDS organisations struggle for transparency
4 June 2007 (PlusNews ), 'Fake', 'ghost' or 'briefcase' are some of the names used by the residents of the slum of Kawangware in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi when referring to the dodgy organisations purportedly created to improve their lives, but which usually end up lining the pockets of their founders.
KENYA: "I thought I'd be dead today, but I am living for the future"
31 May 2007 (PlusNews ), Thirty-six-year-old Elizabeth Wamaitha is a widow raising a small child. When she learnt she was HIV-positive it seemed like the end of the world, but she now has a new lease on life.
KENYA: Too drunk to think - alcohol abuse and HIV
30 May 2007 (PlusNews ), Kenya's urban youth are treading a dangerous, increasingly alcohol-fuelled path that is leaving them vulnerable to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, according to anti-AIDS campaigners.
KENYA: Dash of booze counselling needed to stem HIV
30 May 2007 (PlusNews ), The social and biomedical links between excessive alcohol consumption and HIV, coupled with the pervasiveness of hazardous drinking in Kenya, highlight a need to include an alcohol component in voluntary counselling and testing (VCT), according to researchers.
KENYA: Cash boost for HIV/AIDS programmes
9 May 2007 (PlusNews ), Efforts to curb the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Kenya received a boost this week when the United States (US) committed to US$370 million for the support of treatment, care and prevention programmes.
KENYA: Legal reforms needed to protect HIV-positive people
16 April 2007 (PlusNews ), Lack of adequate legal aid for Kenyans living with HIV could reverse advances made in the fight against the disease, the Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSIEA) has said in a new report.
KENYA: We will defy patents to save lives - minister
10 April 2007 (PlusNews ), Kenyan authorities are determined to resist restrictive international patents on life-prolonging antiretroviral (ARV) medication that has the potential to reduce the deadly impact of HIV/AIDS.
KENYA: Illiteracy, poverty aggravating HIV among northern women
2 April 2007 (PlusNews ), Ignorance and overwhelming poverty are making HIV/AIDS a growing problem in Kenya's northern provinces, with women hit particularly hard, health workers have said.

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