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KENYA: Camps offer little refuge from rapes
28 January 2008 (PlusNews ), At least 250,000 Kenyans have sought refuge in camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) since violence broke out after a controversial national poll in December 2007, but many women find the risk of sexual attack in the camps just as great as outside.
KENYA: Florence Gundo: "How will we feed the children?"
18 January 2008 (PlusNews ), Florence Gundo is the coordinator and founder of the Orongo Widows and Orphans Group, which cares for 288 orphans in western Kenya's Nyanza Province. Gundo told IRIN/PlusNews how the political unrest had affected the group.
KENYA: Drug resistance risk as displaced HIV patients skip ARV doses
17 January 2008 (PlusNews ), After a fortnight of political violence during which an estimated 250,000 Kenyans were displaced, health workers are scrambling to ensure that HIV-positive people on life-prolonging anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy continue to receive their drugs and adequate food supplies.
KENYA: Health workers grappling with conflict-related sexual violence
15 January 2008 (PlusNews ), As Kenya counts the human and material cost of the political violence, hospitals are reporting an increase in reported rapes during the immediate post-election period, spurring the government and health organisations to find ways to treat these cases as well as protect the displaced from further incidents of sexual violence.
KENYA: Ali Mohammed: "If I go back to the drug, I will die"
29 November 2007 (PlusNews ), Ali Mohammed*, 36, who lives in the coastal Kenyan town of Malindi, has been addicted to heroin for 18 years, and is now HIV-positive. He spoke to IRIN/PlusNews about his life.
KENYA: Abdullah Ali: "I need to get off the drug to remain HIV-negative"
23 November 2007 (PlusNews ), Abdullah Ali*, 55, has been hooked on heroin for close to 15 years. In rehabilitation for the fifth time in as many years, he spoke to IRIN/PlusNews about his struggle with addiction.
KENYA: The rise and fall of injecting drug use in Malindi
23 November 2007 (PlusNews ), Hard drugs first came to Kenya's beautiful tropical coast almost 30 years ago; men in their fifties in the resort town of Malindi can still recall the first few people trying 'brown sugar' after befriending European tourists.
KENYA: Lower intravenous drug use, but HIV risks remain
21 November 2007 (PlusNews ), In the 1990s Kenya's seaside resort of Malindi was the place to be for injecting drug users looking for a ready supply of cheap heroin.
KENYA: Florence Anam: "HIV hasn't stopped me from enjoying sex"
19 November 2007 (PlusNews ), Florence Anam works for the Kenya Network of Women with AIDS. Diagnosed with HIV in 2005 at the age of 26, she spoke to IRIN/PlusNews about how living with HIV has affected her sex life.
KENYA: HIV-positive and still sexy
16 November 2007 (PlusNews ), People tend to think that contracting HIV can spell the end of their sex lives, but HIV-positive Africans of all ages are now being urged to reclaim their sexuality and live healthy, normal lives.
KENYA: Old but not cold: older people also at risk
8 November 2007 (PlusNews ), James Kioko*, 55, a manager at a 4-star hotel in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, dismisses condoms as "dirty, fuelling prostitution and causing marriage break-ups".
KENYA: Pioneering e-learning to boost nurse numbers
24 October 2007 (PlusNews ), An ambitious new e-learning programme is aiming to mitigate the severe nursing shortfall in Kenya and boost the country's ability to manage diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.
KENYA: Treatment literacy lagging behind ARV rollout
8 October 2007 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government's free antiretroviral (ARV) programme has reached more than 160,000 people in need of the life-prolonging therapy, but experts say unless this momentum is accompanied by an equally aggressive treatment literacy campaign, widespread drug resistance could result.
KENYA: Rufus Mwandiki: "At the end the patient dies, and I am left feeling affected."
28 September 2007 (PlusNews ), Rufus Mwandiki, 32, is a palliative carer specialising in the care of HIV/AIDS patients at the Chogoria Mission Hospital in Kenya's central Meru district. Mwandiki talked to IRIN/PlusNews about his work.
KENYA: Muslim opposition to condoms limits distribution
17 September 2007 (PlusNews ), The strong anti-condom stance of religious leaders in northern Kenya means few people there are using them and traders are refusing to stock them, which AIDS activists warn is jeopardising the fight against the pandemic.
KENYA: What about the female condom?
14 September 2007 (PlusNews ), Unpopular and misunderstood, the female condom has failed to take off in Kenya, depriving women of one of the few means over which they have control of protecting themselves against HIV infection in male-dominated societies.
AFRICA: MPs must push for women's access to health services
12 September 2007 (PlusNews ), African parliamentarians need to push public policy to focus more on women's health issues, delegates attending a regional workshop organised by the Parliamentarians for Women's Health (PWH) [] in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, heard this week.
KENYA: Food shortages complicating ARV programme in the north
6 September 2007 (PlusNews ), Food shortages in arid, remote northern Kenya are making it impossible for HIV-positive people in the region to adhere to their antiretroviral (ARV) medication regime, relief workers say.
KENYA: Risk HIV or remain childless, the dilemma of discordance
6 September 2007 (PlusNews ), HIV-discordant couples in their child-bearing years face a life-changing decision: to remain childless or risk the HIV-negative partner contracting the virus for the sake of having a child.
KENYA: Specialised counsellors needed for effective counselling
5 September 2007 (PlusNews ), Untrained counsellors in HIV health centres could harm rather than help the voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) process, delegates attending a Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors (KAPC) conference in the capital, Nairobi, heard this week.

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