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KENYA: Sharing ARVs puts patients at risk of resistance
16 January 2009 (PlusNews ), June and Paul Nyangweso*, a married couple living in the Kuria district of Nyanza Province in western Kenya, both tested positive for HIV recently, but only June visits the hospital to collect her monthly supply of antiretroviral medication, which she brings home and shares with her husband.
KENYA: Desire for children eclipses HIV fears
9 January 2009 (PlusNews ), When Mary Muli and her husband failed to conceive a child, they followed the long-held tradition among the Kemba in Kenya's Eastern Province and brought another woman into their home to bear children for them.
RWANDA-UGANDA: Joash Runga, "I sleep with my wife and my girlfriend, that's all"
7 January 2009 (PlusNews ), Joash Runga, 44, a long-distance trucker, is spending the night at the Rwanda-Uganda border town of Katuna. At the end of a hard day's drive, he likes nothing better than to kick back in one of the local bars and have a cold beer. He talked to IRIN/PlusNews about the dangers of the road and his belief that having one girlfriend instead of many reduced his chances of contracting HIV.
KENYA: A little money goes a long way to help orphans
31 December 2008 (PlusNews ), Dressed in her neatly pressed school uniform at her home in Bangladesh, a slum in the Kenyan coastal district of Kwale, Winnie Adhiambo's sunny disposition belies the difficult conditions the teenager has had to overcome to stay in school.
KENYA: Caroline Mwita: "I wish I had listened to my mother, who advised against getting married early"
29 December 2008 (PlusNews ), At the age of 17, Caroline Mwita, from Kisii town in southwestern Kenya, has already had four husbands. She talked to IRIN/PlusNews about her first-hand experience of wife inheritance, a traditional practice in western Kenya.
KENYA: Nomadic Maasai missing out on treatment
23 December 2008 (PlusNews ), Tiampati Ole Kirgoty, 45, looks tired and can hardly support his frail body. He and his two wives are HIV positive. They are supposed to pick up their monthly prescriptions of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) at the district hospital in Narok, a town in Kenya's Rift Valley Province, but this presents a dilemma for the Kirgotys who belong to a nomadic Maasai community.
KENYA: Battle for land fought over women's bodies
17 December 2008 (PlusNews ), Margaret Sichei*, 37, discovered she was HIV positive during a routine antenatal check-up. The pregnancy, as well as the HIV infection, was the product of a gang rape deep in the forests of Mount Elgon in western Kenya, perpetrated by members of a self-styled militia calling themselves the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SDLF).
KENYA: Rhoda Kendi, "The earlier you know your HIV status, the better"
16 December 2008 (PlusNews ), Rhoda Kendi, 33, tested positive for HIV nearly four years ago. A single mother of three, she now spends her time teaching others how to avoid contracting HIV and advising those already infected with the virus on how to live positively.
KENYA: Unease over new HIV transmission law
12 December 2008 (PlusNews ), In June 2006, a young woman in western Kenya died of HIV-related complications and left a list of about 100 people that she said she had infected with HIV. A new law, approved by the Kenyan president but yet to be implemented, is hoping to prevent wilful transmission.
KENYA: Maureen Kiwinda, "It was not my desire to sleep with people to get a job"
9 December 2008 (PlusNews ), Ruth Simiyu, 22, came to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, in 2003 to stay with her brother, a casual employee in the industrial area. She has also taken up casual employment, but told IRIN/PlusNews that handing out sexual favours was a regular requirement for getting work.
KENYA: Mary Muthoni, "Disabled people living with HIV face so many challenges"
5 December 2008 (PlusNews ), Mary Muthoni is physically handicapped and gets around on crutches. She talked to IRIN/PlusNews at the 15th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) taking place in Dakar, Senegal, about the triple stigma she has experienced.
GLOBAL: Overworked and under-protected
4 December 2008 (PlusNews ), While healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa struggle to deal with unmanageable workloads resulting from HIV/AIDS, a new study has found that their needs are being neglected.
KENYA: Testing for mother and child saves lives
4 December 2008 (PlusNews ), Maurine Kamau* lost her first child immediately after birth but did not discover why the baby had died until she fell pregnant a second time and tested positive for HIV at the Nazareth Mission Hospital, on the outskirts of Nairobi, capital of Kenya.
GLOBAL: Tailor prevention programmes, says UNAIDS
2 December 2008 (PlusNews ), As the global financial crisis raises the spectre of cutbacks in AIDS funding, countries need to start being more strategic about how they spend their AIDS budgets.
KENYA: Insecurity in northeast halts HIV activities
1 December 2008 (PlusNews ), Recent fighting and an increased security presence along the Kenya-Somalia border have brought HIV/AIDS campaigns to a virtual standstill in Kenya's northeastern region, according to local health workers.
KENYA: Where only HIV-positive people get beyond the velvet rope
1 December 2008 (PlusNews ), The party at a popular restaurant in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, looks ordinary, but the people attending it - all of whom are HIV-positive - are enjoying a rare opportunity to socialise without feeling like an outsider.
GLOBAL: Universal HIV testing could eliminate HIV within a decade - WHO
27 November 2008 (PlusNews ), Universal HIV testing and immediate antiretroviral (ARV) drugs could reduce new infections in high-prevalence countries by as much as 95 percent within ten years, according to a new study by scientists from the UN World Health Organisation (WHO).
KENYA: Sex for jobs in export processing zones
24 November 2008 (PlusNews ), At the gates of one of Kenya's export processing zones (EPZs) men and women push and shove each other, trying to get their national identity cards taken by the guards.
KENYA: Winning against HIV stigma behind bars
21 November 2008 (PlusNews ), HIV-positive prisoners in Kenya not only suffer isolation from friends and family, but also within the prison walls.
GLOBAL: We can save more babies, say researchers
20 November 2008 (PlusNews ), A ground-breaking South African study has provided the first hard evidence that treating HIV-positive babies with antiretroviral (ARV) medicines from as early as six weeks dramatically improves their chances of survival.

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