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KENYA: Better funding key to improving rural HIV care
1 December 2011 (PlusNews ), When Christopher Okanga and his wife tested positive for HIV in 2006, they halted all plans to have children.
HIV/AIDS: A deadly funding crisis
1 December 2011 (PlusNews ), This World AIDS Day on 1 Dec should have been a much more joyous event: the global HIV/AIDS response has turned a significant corner, with record numbers of people on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and fewer new HIV infections. But the announcement by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria, cancelling its next funding round, has cast a shadow over any celebrations and highlighted the precarious nature of HIV/AIDS funding.
HIV/AIDS: Feeling the pinch
1 December 2011 (PlusNews ), Faced with the global economic downturn and less money from donors, national HIV programmes in East and Southern Africa - the region hardest hit by HIV/AIDS - are struggling to stay afloat. IRIN/PlusNews brings you a wrap of countries feeling the biggest pinch.
KENYA: Local production means cheaper ARVs
16 November 2011 (PlusNews ), A Kenyan pharmaceutical company has been given the green light by the World Health Organization (WHO) to start producing antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, which could result in significant savings for the government's growing treatment programme.
KENYA: Sexual violence still a major urban threat
26 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Reports of gender-based violence are on the rise in Kenya's cities, and experts say the police must improve their handling of cases of sexual assault to build public trust in the security and justice systems.
KENYA: Government grapples with counterfeit ARVs
19 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Kenya's government is scrambling to remove thousands of batches of counterfeit antiretrovirals (ARVs) from circulation after patients and health workers reported irregularities in the appearance and texture of a widely used drug.
KENYA: University freshers often green about dangers of HIV
5 October 2011 (PlusNews ), They arrive at university looking forward to the freedom and challenges that come with life on campus, but researchers say few Kenyan "freshers" are prepared to navigate the murky waters of adult sexual relationships.
KENYA: NCDs and HIV fight for limited resources
20 September 2011 (PlusNews ), The crowd of health issues jostling for a share of Kenya's inadequate health budget is expanding, with activists calling for an increase in resources for the management of non-communicable diseases, which account for more than 50 percent of hospital deaths and admissions.
KENYA-SOMALIA: Hidden sex work, HIV risk in Dadaab
16 September 2011 (PlusNews ), At Ifo trading centre, a short distance from northeastern Kenya's Dadaab refugee complex, Hawa*, a teenage girl, sits in a dark room on an old jerry can holding a small bunch of fresh khat, a mild stimulant, ostensibly for sale.
KENYA-SOMALIA: Refugees at risk of sexual violence
8 September 2011 (PlusNews ), Amina*, 27, left her home town of Kismayo in south-central Somalia at the end of May for northern Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp. The journey took her and her four children 14 days and nearly broke them, but between the famine and the conflict, she was afraid that staying in Somalia could mean death.
KENYA: Weak HIV-positive people struggle to access food aid
23 August 2011 (PlusNews ), Every morning, Julia Aukot walks 17km to eastern Kenya's Isiolo town in search of work so she can feed her six children and ailing husband; the journey is punishing, but as her family's sole breadwinner, she has no choice.
KENYA: Clinics struggle to keep patients not yet eligible for ARVs
2 August 2011 (PlusNews ), Jairus Musau tested HIV-positive two years ago, but when he was told he would not immediately be given antiretrovirals, his parents insisted he visit a traditional healer in his eastern Kenya hometown of Kitui.
HORN OF AFRICA: Drought and HIV - a dangerous combination
28 July 2011 (PlusNews ), More than 11.6 million people are facing starvation in the Horn of Africa, and as aid agencies struggle to feed them, experts are warning that a lack of food could have wider consequences, including jeopardizing the health of people on HIV treatment.
KENYA: Illiteracy hampers treatment programmes
25 July 2011 (PlusNews ), Isaac Nanok religiously collects his antiretrovirals (ARVs) from his local health centre every month, but the information on the packaging is meaningless as he is illiterate.
KENYA: More cervical cancer screening for HIV-positive women urged
12 July 2011 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government is taking steps to incorporate screening for cervical cancer - one of the biggest killers of women of child-bearing age - into HIV care, but health workers say low awareness means the uptake of this vital service is low.
KENYA: Poor adherence threatens paediatric ARV programme
21 June 2011 (PlusNews ), As Kenya puts more HIV-positive children on life-prolonging antiretroviral drugs, experts are warning that unless more effort is put into ensuring the medicines are taken regularly, widespread treatment failure could result.
KENYA: Rural MSM too afraid to access HIV health services
14 June 2011 (PlusNews ), Discriminatory laws and a largely homophobic society mean that men who have sex with men in Kenya generally find it difficult to access HIV-related information and health services, but rural MSM have an especially hard time.
KENYA: Protest as government grapples with HIV funding shortages
18 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Hundreds of Kenyan AIDS activists held a protest on 18 May in the capital, Nairobi to demand that the government meet its commitment to increase annual health and HIV funding.
HIV/AIDS: ARVs as prevention must move quickly "from science to action"
13 May 2011 (PlusNews ), A landmark study showing major reductions in HIV transmission among discordant couples due to early treatment may fail to have a significant impact on HIV prevention unless governments and donors are willing to turn the science into action, HIV advocates say.
KENYA: Outrage over "cash for contraception" offer to HIV-positive women
12 May 2011 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government and rights groups have expressed outrage at a project in western Kenya that is paying HIV-positive women to undergo long-term contraception.

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