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CAMEROON: HIV vaccine development tops meeting agenda
18 October 2005 (PlusNews ), Some 200 experts are reviewing the current status of HIV vaccine research and development at a gathering that kicked off on Monday in Yaounde, capital of Cameroon.
CAMEROON: FHI ends clinical trial of ARV drug Tenofovir
10 August 2005 (PlusNews ), A US-based research organisation has announced that it will end the controversial testing of the anti-AIDS drug, Tenofovir, on sex workers in Cameroon.
CAMEROON: HIV-positive inmates get German assistance
8 April 2005 (PlusNews ), Germany's Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ), this week launched the first ever anti-AIDS programme for inmates at Cameroon's New Bell prison in the port city of Douala.
CAMEROON: AIDS drug trial on sex workers suspended
7 February 2005 (PlusNews ), Trials testing the efficacy of the anti-AIDS drug, Viread, have been suspended in Cameroon, amid concerns that the participating sex workers were encouraged to have unprotected sex.
CAMEROON: Government suspends trial of AIDS drug
4 February 2005 (PlusNews ), Clinical trials of an anti-AIDS drug being tested on sex workers by US pharmaceutical company Gilead have been suspended, the Cameroonian government said on Friday after controversy over how the trials are being conducted.
CAMEROON: Clinical trial of anti-HIV drug on sex workers in question
27 January 2005 (PlusNews ), The government of Cameroon has said it may stop the clinical trial of an anti-AIDS drug being tested on 400 sex workers in the port city of Douala following allegations that the women are receiving inadequate counselling and medical care.
CAMEROON: More advanced research records lower AIDS rate
29 October 2004 (PlusNews ), A new survey released by Cameroon's health ministry indicates a drop in the number of adults living with HIV/AIDS.
CAMEROON: HIV/AIDS New survey shows lower HIV prevalence rate of 5.5 percent
28 October 2004 (PlusNews ), A new survey released by Cameroon's health ministry indicates that only 5.5 percent of the country's adult population is infected with the HIV virus that causes AIDS. The government had previously used an estimate of 11.8 percent, which was based on the testing of pregnant women at health clinics.
CAMEROON: Global Fund millions bring cheaper AIDS drugs
4 October 2004 (PlusNews ), Cameroon's Ministry of Health reduced the cost of anti-AIDS drugs on Friday from just over US $55 to around $13 per person per month.
CAMEROON: AIDS partnership with former US president
25 June 2004 (PlusNews ), Former US president Bill Clinton's HIV/AIDS Foundation and the government of Cameroon have signed a partnership agreement to tackle the pandemic.
CAMEROON: Unsafe sex for youths despite HIV/AIDS
3 March 2004 (PlusNews ), A study by the German technical assistance agency (GTZ), says two-thirds of teenagers in Cameroon are sexually active by age 16, and more than half of them shun condoms despite the risk of HIV infection.
CAMEROON: Country Profile
22 January 2004 (PlusNews ), A new Country Profile database, providing contact details of key AIDS NGOs, government departments and UN agencies, plus the latest epidemiological data and country indicator statistics.
CAMEROON: Rights of HIV-positive people discussed
20 August 2003 (PlusNews ), A five day workshop to protect the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS (PWA) in Francophone-Africa is currently underway in Cameroon, the local Cameroon Tribune reported on Tuesday.
CAMEROON: Sex tourism hampers HIV/AIDS prevention
13 August 2003 (PlusNews ), Sex tourism in Cameroon is threatening to undermine the country's HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns, the BBC reported on Wednesday.
CAMEROON: Government launches anti-HIV programme
27 March 2002 (PlusNews ), The government has unveiled a three-year programme against HIV/AIDS aimed at lowering the national prevalence rate of 11 percent.

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