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COTE D'IVOIRE: Truckers in volatile west are taking more HIV/AIDS precautions
3 October 2005 (PlusNews ), Whether they're buying condoms by the roadside or abstaining from sex altogether, truckers in Cote d'Ivoire's war ravaged 'Wild West' are becoming more cautious about HIV/AIDS, according to the Ivorian Red Cross.
COTE D'IVOIRE: US gives $42 million to help fight against AIDS
16 June 2005 (PlusNews ), The United States said on Thursday it would give US $42 million to Cote d’Ivoire this year to help fight HIV/AIDS in the war-divided nation.
COTE D'IVOIRE: MSF launches AIDS treatment programme in conflict hotspots
15 June 2005 (PlusNews ), Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has announced plans to start a treatment programme for people living with AIDS on both sides of the frontline in the volatile west of Cote d'Ivoire.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Muslims seek to break down prejudice by speaking out on HIV/AIDS
17 May 2005 (PlusNews ), In a town hall meeting room in the Ivorian capital earlier this month, women assembled on one side and men on the other, joined together in a prayer to Allah "to remove AIDS from humanity".
COTE D'IVOIRE: The positive results of disclosure
10 May 2005 (PlusNews ), Thirty-five year old Ivorian Lydie Akesse, who found out she was HIV-positive seven years ago, has become known for her frank and outspoken attempts to "give HIV/AIDS a human face".
COTE D'IVOIRE: The positive results of disclosure
10 May 2005 (PlusNews ), Thirty-five year old Ivorian Lydie Akesse, who found out she was HIV-positive seven years ago, has become known for her frank and outspoken attempts to "give HIV/AIDS a human face".
COTE D'IVOIRE: Doctor concerned by high HIV prevalence rate in forgotten northeast
15 March 2005 (PlusNews ), Olivier Oura is the only trained doctor available for Ivorians living with HIV/AIDS around Bondoukou, and he's worried that poor security and communication in this northeastern corner of Cote d'Ivoire may have landed it with the country's highest HIV prevalence rate.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Children's book tackles AIDS, death and rejection for under-11s
8 March 2005 (PlusNews ), AIDS is probably the last subject that comes to mind when choosing a theme for a children's book. But for Fatou Keita, whose latest book 'A Tree for Lollie' features a young girl infected with the virus, there is nothing peculiar about it.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Roadmap against AIDS needs re-think due to war, poverty
14 February 2005 (PlusNews ), The strategy against HIV/AIDS in Cote d'Ivoire needs to be re-thought because of the effects of the country's civil war and the poverty it brings, UNAIDS country coordinator Mamoudou Diallo told PlusNews.
COTE D'IVOIRE: HIV/AIDS time-bomb ticking away in rebel north
11 February 2005 (PlusNews ), As the only girl in a family of five orphaned by HIV/AIDS, Awa Keita spends the day cooking and cleaning for her brothers and her own baby boy.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Tackling the 'Illness of Unknown Origin' with 'pockets of rubber'
8 February 2005 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS is a serious subject, and is not usually much fun. But this time it was. In this remote spot of southern Cote d'Ivoire, it was as if the circus had come to town.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Condom Cafe at front-line of awareness campaign
18 January 2005 (PlusNews ), At the Condom Cafe in Abidjan, customers don’t get after-dinner mints with their bill. Instead they leave with an AIDS goodie bag, complete with red ribbon, a leaflet about the disease and a free condom.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Women with AIDS talk to women with AIDS
14 January 2005 (PlusNews ), They all have a poignant story to tell, and they tell it willingly. The Active Women of Cote d'Ivoire support group for women infected with HIV, is a place where frank talk is encouraged as one of the best ways to deal with the virus. It's a network in true West African style, characterised by an unfailing solidarity.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Civil war means no school, no shots for millions of children
9 December 2004 (PlusNews ), For millions of children in Cote d’Ivoire, the ongoing civil war means no school, no vaccinations, and a fresh threat of polio, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said in its annual report on Thursday.
COTE D'IVOIRE: West struggles against rebels and AIDS
6 October 2004 (PlusNews ), Cote d'Ivoire's rebel-held western town of Man is bracing itself for an invasion of a different nature - HIV and AIDS.
COTE D'IVOIRE: AIDS prevention measures collapse in rebel-held city
5 October 2004 (PlusNews ), First came the rebel movement. After the Ivorian rebels, the Liberian mercenaries swept in. Now, the western town of Man is bracing itself for another invasion - the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
COTE D'IVOIRE: AIDS treatment access hampered by civil strife
28 September 2004 (PlusNews ), Cote d’Ivoire's target of having 63,000 HIV-positive people on treatment by the end of 2005 will fail because of fighting in parts of the country, a UN official has said.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Civil war hinders planned expansion of AIDS treatment
27 September 2004 (PlusNews ), Cote d’Ivoire will fail to reach its target of extending anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy to 63,000 people living with AIDS by the end of 2005, since hospitals and health centres have been destroyed by fighting in the west of the country and medical staff have fled the rebel-held north, UNAIDS country adviser Mamoudou Diallo said.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Private AIDS clinic brings hope to Abidjan slum
23 September 2004 (PlusNews ), For Swiss-born Lotti Latrous, founder of a private aids-clinic in the slums of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire’s economic hub, the cup is never half empty, but always half full. In other words, she is an optimist.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Government announces first AIDS survey in fifteen years
15 September 2004 (PlusNews ), Cote d'Ivoire will launch a national AIDS survey by November, to formulate strategies for the benefit of people living with HIV/AIDS.

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