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ANGOLA: Project launched to educate NGOs
14 July 2003 (PlusNews ), A campaign to educate international and national NGOs on HIV/AIDS prevention kicked off this week in Angola, a country slowly waking up to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
ANGOLA: US ambassador raises HIV/AIDS awareness
23 June 2003 (PlusNews ), The US Ambassador to Angola, Christopher Dell, has used photography to help raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, the Angola Press Agency (ANGOP) reported on Friday.
ANGOLA: Strengthening HIV/AIDS strategies
12 February 2003 (PlusNews ), Health Minister Albertina Hamukwaya said Angola has at least 1 million HIV-positive people and the virus could quickly spread unless preventive measures are improved.
ANGOLA: Strong response needed from all for humanitarian crisis: Morris
31 January 2003 (PlusNews ), As Angola inches towards almost a year of peace, conditions in the country remain extremely difficult with millions of people still facing uncertain food supplies, no schools and a poor infrastructure, executive director of the World Food Programme, (WFP) James Morris said on Friday.
ANGOLA: Impact of HIV/AIDS not yet felt
17 December 2002 (PlusNews ), After 27 years of civil war, the focus on HIV/AIDS is relatively "new" in Angola and the impact of the epidemic has not yet been fully calculated.
ANGOLA: Television programme deals with AIDS
31 October 2002 (PlusNews ), In a move considered to be a breakthrough for a country which is now slowly waking up to HIV/AIDS, Angola's only television station screened the first of a series of HIV/AIDS programmes this week.
ANGOLA: AIDS stigma pervasive
3 July 2002 (PlusNews ), "It's so hard," said a tearful Rita Domingos. "The moment people learn I'm HIV positive, they treat me differently. Neighbours shun me. Children avoid touching me. The landlord finds an excuse to kick me out of my room."
ANGOLA: Waking up to HIV/AIDS
30 May 2002 (PlusNews ), Three pm on a Monday. It is hot and dusty in the sprawling shantytown of Rocha Pinto near Luanda's airport, but dark and cool inside Chico's Bar. A soft kizomba is on the sound system. A teenage girl dances alone, eyes closed, with small movements.
ANGOLA: HIV/AIDS training for journalists
27 May 2002 (PlusNews ), A network of Angolan journalists concerned about HIV/AIDS is taking shape, following a workshop on reporting on HIV/AIDS held in Luanda last month, the first such training to take place in Angola.
ANGOLA: "Alarming" new data
26 December 2001 (PlusNews ), The Angolan ministry of health has released "new and alarming data" suggesting a sharp rise in the HIV-positive rate among women attending selected ante-natal clinics, UNICEF said in its latest situation report.
ANGOLA: Angolan basic indicators among the worst in the world - SCF
7 November 2001 (PlusNews ), The impact of Angola's long war and a lack of investment in social services have had a devastating impact on the country's children, with basic indicators continuing to be "among the worst in the world", says Save the Children Fund.
ANGOLA: Anti-AIDS campaign draws protests from lobby groups
25 July 2001 (PlusNews ), A government HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Angola is drawing criticism from women’s rights activists, church leaders and politicians who say its message is too blunt, Channel Africa reported on Tuesday.

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