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ANGOLA: Empowering young people to prevent HIV/AIDS
20 October 2004 (PlusNews ), Wednesday mornings at the Jango youth centre in Viana, just outside the Angolan capital, Luanda, are characterised by the beating drums and clapping that are part of a capoeira class - an energetic Brazilian dance and exercise form - held there three times a week.
ANGOLA: Rise in AIDS rates recorded
7 October 2004 (PlusNews ), Results from a study on HIV prevalence, which is underway in Angola, will be released at the end of December, the Ministry of Health has announced.
ANGOLA: Study underway to develop AIDS strategies
16 September 2004 (PlusNews ), Angola's health ministry has started collecting blood samples from pregnant women to determine the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.
ANGOLA: HIV/AIDS plan moving "too slowly"
30 August 2004 (PlusNews ), Eight months after its launch, people living with HIV/AIDS say Angola's programme to fight the epidemic is inadequate and moving too slowly.
ANGOLA: Post-war conditions fuel AIDS increase
9 July 2004 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS experts have expressed concern that post-war conditions in Angola could bring about an "inevitable" increase in prevalence rates.
ANGOLA: AIDS to increase orphan numbers
3 June 2004 (PlusNews ), The proliferation of HIV/AIDS in Angola could result in more than 100,000 orphans by 2005, the Minister of Welfare and Social Reintegration, Joao Baptista Kussumua, has warned.
ANGOLA: Medical assistance for HIV-positive people
3 March 2004 (PlusNews ), A new hospital in Angola's capital, Luanda, is assisting people living with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.
ANGOLA: World Vision gets $240,000 to fight AIDS
23 February 2004 (PlusNews ), World Vision in Angola has received $240,000 from its US office to help prevent transmission of HIV and reduce the impact of AIDS.
ANGOLA: Huambo to get HIV/AIDS support
18 February 2004 (PlusNews ), The French Red Cross has announced plans to spend over US $500,000 to support programmes tackling HIV/AIDS in Angola's central province of Huambo.
ANGOLA: Religious leaders urged to tackle HIV/AIDS
18 February 2004 (PlusNews ), An international aid agency, Christian Aid, has urged stronger support by Angolan religious leaders in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.
ANGOLA: Religious leaders urged to tackle HIV/AIDS
18 February 2004 (PlusNews ), An international aid agency, Christian Aid, has urged stronger support by Angolan religious leaders in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.
ANGOLA: More church AIDS involvement urged
3 February 2004 (PlusNews ), An HIV-positive priest has said that churches could be an effective tool to help tackle the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS in Angola.
ANGOLA: Churches urged to join fight against HIV/AIDS
30 January 2004 (PlusNews ), The development agency, Christian Aid, is stepping up a campaign to get church and faith leaders to join the fight against the rising incidence of HIV/AIDS in Angola.
ANGOLA: Irish NGO calls for increased AIDS prevention
8 December 2003 (PlusNews ), The voluntary counselling and HIV testing clinic run by the Irish development agency, GOAL, in Angola's capital, Luanda, is always busy. The simple chairs in the waiting room are occupied by people from all walks of life.
ANGOLA: Joint AIDS effort welcomed amidst concern for refugees
3 December 2003 (PlusNews ), In a collaborative effort the government of Angola and the UN have launched a national strategic plan to tackle the country's HIV/AIDS crisis.
ANGOLA: National AIDS plan launched
28 November 2003 (PlusNews ), A national strategic plan to combat HIV/AIDS was launched in Angola this week. A collaborative effort between the Angolan government and the United Nations, it will form the basis of the country's efforts to tackle the epidemic over the next five years.
ANGOLA: Making safe sex cool
16 October 2003 (PlusNews ), A trendy new youth centre is aiming to grab the imagination of Angolan teenagers, and help them steer clear of HIV infection.
ANGOLA: Action urged on AIDS prevention
1 September 2003 (PlusNews ), Angola must act now to prevent a rise in HIV/AIDS prevalence rates, the head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned on Saturday.
ANGOLA: Youth centres to fight AIDS
7 August 2003 (PlusNews ), The first of four youth centres supported by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF)in Angola will be officially opened in the capital, Luanda, on Friday.
ANGOLA: HIV/AIDS project targets NGOs
15 July 2003 (PlusNews ), A campaign to help NGOs mainstream HIV/AIDS into their existing activities kicked off in Angola this week.

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