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ANGOLA: Witchcraft" an excuse for child abuse
13 December 2006 (PlusNews ), Makiesse means "happiness" in Kikongo, a language spoken in northern Angola. But the early childhood of 10-year-old Makiesse Jonas was far from joyous.
ANGOLA: Enthusiastic caregivers and silent sufferers
13 December 2006 (PlusNews ), Fear of stigmatisation in Angola is keeping people living with HIV/AIDS in hiding. Caregivers are more than willing to help but are having a hard time finding patients to take care of.
ANGOLA-ZAMBIA: Refugees return home armed with the knowledge of HIV/AIDS prevention
8 November 2006 (PlusNews ), Four years after a ceasefire ended decades of civil war in neighbouring Angola, Zambia is still home to more than 25,000 Angolan refugees awaiting repatriation. Zambia's HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is about 18 percent; in Angola it is around 4 percent. The challenge is how to keep Angola's relative low rates of HIV/AIDS in check.
ANGOLA: ARV treatment now available in Malanje
12 September 2006 (PlusNews ), HIV-positive people in Angola's Malanje province will no longer have to travel up to 440km to the capital, Luanda, to access life-prolonging anti-AIDS drugs now that treatment is available in their area.
ANGOLA: Doctors discriminate against HIV positive people
23 March 2006 (PlusNews ), HIV-positive people in Angola face stigma and discrimination not only from their relatives, friends or neighbours, but also from health professionals who do not know enough about HIV/AIDS.
ANGOLA: Safe fun during carnival urged, as Luanda prepares for annual party
23 February 2006 (PlusNews ), This weekend, Luanda will explode in a frenzy of gaudy costumes and masks, wild drumming and dancing. On Saturday, as the sun sets over the Angolan capital, tens of thousands of merrymakers will throng the seaside to watch carnival's main event, the parade.
ANGOLA: Swedish/UNICEF anti-AIDS agreement signed
15 December 2005 (PlusNews ), Sweden and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) this week agreed on a US $4.3 million initiative aimed at boosting Angola's national strategy against HIV/AIDS.
ANGOLA: AIDS manual to benefit school kids
26 October 2005 (PlusNews ), A Danish NGO, People To People Development Aid (ADPP), working in partnership with the UN Development Programme, is to launch an HIV/AIDS awareness manual for Angola's primary school pupils.
ANGOLA: Plight of children still desperate, UNICEF head
15 June 2005 (PlusNews ), Angola still has one of the highest rates of child mortality in the world, says UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Country Representative, Mario Ferrari, and challenges relating to children remain huge.
ANGOLA-LESOTHO: Food aid cuts loom due to lack of funds
13 June 2005 (PlusNews ), Much-needed food aid distributions in Angola and Lesotho have had to be cut back due to a lack of funds, according to the World Food Programme (WFP).
ANGOLA: Global Fund millions to tackle AIDS, TB and malaria
27 May 2005 (PlusNews ), The Global AIDS Fund has announced plans to release US $59 million to assist Angola in its fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria.
ANGOLA: World Bank grant accord signed for AIDS
20 May 2005 (PlusNews ), Angola and the World Bank this week signed a US $125 million agreement covering a number of programmes, including projects for HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis (TB).
ANGOLA: Envoy urges speedy action on AIDS
1 March 2005 (PlusNews ), Angola must make HIV/AIDS a priority or suffer a fate potentially more damaging than its 27-year civil war, a senior UN official has warned.
ANGOLA: Govt must act now on AIDS, warns UN envoy
28 February 2005 (PlusNews ), Angola will have to make an epic effort in both preventing and treating HIV/AIDS related illnesses if it is to escape the dismal fate of many of its neighbours, a senior UN official told IRIN.
ANGOLA: World Bank approves US $21 million for health project
22 December 2004 (PlusNews ), The World Bank has approved a grant of US $21 million to Angola for implementing an HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis (TB) Control Project.
ANGOLA: World Bank approves US $21 million grant
22 December 2004 (PlusNews ), A World Bank initiative has been launched to mitigate a potential rise in the HIV/AIDS infection rate in Angola.
ANGOLA: US assists military with HIV/AIDS plan
14 December 2004 (PlusNews ), The United States has been assisting the Angolan military in designing and implementing an HIV/AIDS strategy that focuses on prevention, testing and treatment.
ANGOLA: HIV infection rate for pregnant women at 2.8 percent
3 December 2004 (PlusNews ), The rate of HIV infection among pregnant women in Angola is 2.8 percent, half earlier estimates, according to a new national study.
ANGOLA: Youth key to halting epidemic
1 December 2004 (PlusNews ), Angola, which has maintained a relatively low rate of HIV infection, could see an exponential spreading of the virus if it did not act quickly to educate its youth, according to a new report.
ANGOLA: Cabinda slowly waking up to HIV/AIDS
26 October 2004 (PlusNews ), The sleepy town of Cabinda has a forlorn air about it, but few outward signs of the decades-long conflict that has plagued the oil-rich Angolan province.

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