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SOMALIA: New immunisation drive against polio, 10/Feb/06
NAIROBI, 10 February (IRIN) - A new round of polio immunisation is due to begin in Somalia on 20 February to stem the spread of the disease, which has infected more than 150 people across the country, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has said. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Violent protests against Prophet Muhammad cartoons, 7/Feb/06
GAROWE, 7 February (IRIN) - One person was killed and three others injured in Bosasso, the commercial capital of the self-declared autonomous Somali region of Puntland, when thousands of Muslims protested against the publication in Denmark of controversial cartoons depicting... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Six killed in clash over land in Somaliland, 6/Feb/06
HARGEYSA, 6 February (IRIN) - At least six people were killed and more than 30 injured when rival Somali clans clashed over land on the outskirts of Hargeysa, the capital of the self-declared republic of Somaliland. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Interview with parliamentary speaker, 31/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 31 January (IRIN) - At a meeting on 5 January in Aden, Yemen, Somalia's parliamentary speaker Sharif Hassan Shaykh Aden and interim president Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed agreed to set aside their differences that had divided the country's fledgling administration. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Interim parliament prepares to meet in Baidoa, 31/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 31 January (IRIN) - Preparations for a meeting of Somalia's interim parliament in Baidoa have begun, following a decision by the president and the speaker to convene the house inside Somalia for the first time since it was created in neighbouring Kenya in 2004. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Drought bites southern region, 30/Jan/06
WAJID, 30 January (IRIN) - It took eight days for Nuriya Yusuf Ahmed and her family to walk the 115 km from Lahello village to a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) near Wajid town, southern Somalia. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Multisector approach needed to combat crisis, 27/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 27 January (IRIN) - Humanitarian agencies should employ a "twin-track" approach that addresses both the immediate and medium-term needs of vulnerable Somali populations in order to prevent the creation of relief-dependent communities, the United Nations Food and... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Gov't welcomes AU backing on peacekeeping force, 25/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 25 January (IRIN) - The Somali Transitional Federal Government has welcomed a decision by the African Union to ask the United Nations to make an exemption to its arms embargo against Somalia to allow the deployment of a peacekeeping force. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Top leaders endorse reconciliation plan, 23/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 23 January (IRIN) - A Mogadishu-based group of Somali political leaders has endorsed an agreement that encourages reconciliation between the various groups in the country’s transitional government. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Experts warn of humanitarian emergency in the south, 19/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 19 January (IRIN) - At least 1.7 million people in Somalia are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance following the failure of rains in 2005, the Food Security Analysis Unit (FSAU) of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warned on Thursday. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Boat missing as more migrants leave for Yemen, 17/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 17 January (IRIN) - A boat carrying 110 Somali and Ethiopian migrants destined for Yemen went missing after leaving the northeastern coast of Somalia on Monday, according to sources in the port of Bosasso. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Year in brief 2005 – A chronology of key events, 16/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 16 January (IRIN) - 6 Jan - The United Nations launches a flash interagency appeal for more than US $10 million to help thousands of Somalis affected by the tsunami. The appeal is part of a larger global request for $977 million for all the countries affected by the... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Year in Review 2005: Still waiting for change, 16/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 16 January (IRIN) - Politically and socially, little changed in 2005 for Somalia, a nation of approximately 7 million. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Thousands may starve due to drought, says TFG, 12/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 12 January (IRIN) - The Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) has appealed for international food aid, saying thousands of people in parts of southern Somalia may starve unless urgently needed help arrives. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Twenty killed, thousands displaced in renewed fighting, 12/Jan/06
NAIROBI, 12 January (IRIN) - At least 20 people have been reported killed and 40 wounded in renewed interclan fighting in Galinsoor town in the Galgadud region of central Somalia. ... Full Report... Email Report

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