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Saturday February 11 2006





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LIBERIA: Rubber plantation workers strike over conditions, pay, child labour, 10/Feb/06
HARBEL, 10 February (IRIN) - Angry workers have downed tools at Liberia’s largest rubber plantation, owned by Bridgestone/Firestone, saying that wages are so low that children as young as seven years old are being forced to help their parents meet production quotas. ... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: New president’s anti-corruption drive targets finance ministry, 2/Feb/06
MONROVIA, 2 February (IRIN) - Liberia’s new president, “Iron Lady” Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has sacked every political appointee from the outgoing administration at the ministry of finance as part of her crackdown on corruption.... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: Outgoing officials make off with the furniture, 30/Jan/06
MONROVIA, 30 January (IRIN) - Members of Liberia’s outgoing transitional government have vacated offices to make way for elected successors, taking their computers, desks, chairs and even carpets with them, civil servants told IRIN on Monday.... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: New president to inspect spending of transitional govt, 24/Jan/06
MONROVIA, 24 January (IRIN) - President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia has promised a financial audit of the outgoing transitional government, which was marred by repeated corruption charges during its two years in power.... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: Recruitment drive for new army kicks off, 18/Jan/06
MONROVIA, 18 January (IRIN) - Queues of hundreds of young wannabe soldiers began forming from early morning on Wednesday as authorities kicked off a countrywide recruitment drive for Liberia’s new national army.... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: Sirleaf unveils first members of new peacetime government, 17/Jan/06
MONROVIA, 17 January (IRIN) - Newly inaugurated President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has announced the first ministers to join her 22-member peacetime government.... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: A chronology of 25 years of conflict and turmoil, 17/Jan/06
MONROVIA, 17 January (IRIN) - On President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s first day in office, IRIN takes a look back at 25 turbulent years of war and, finally, peace in Liberia.... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: Africa’s first female president vows to deliver a better future, 16/Jan/06
MONROVIA, 16 January (IRIN) - Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf placed her hand on the bible and took the oath of office as Liberia’s and Africa’s first female president on Monday, promising peace and restoration for the war-torn nation.... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: Women have high hopes for first female president-elect, 13/Jan/06
MONROVIA, 13 January (IRIN) - Catherine Brooks has taken a day off from her job as a secretary to paint sidewalks and mop up the Liberian capital. She and other women have high hopes that the war-wounded country's first female elected leader will clean up government and help make... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: Ex-rebel official, Taylor’s former son-in-law to head new parliament, 13/Jan/06
MONROVIA, 13 January (IRIN) - Liberia's new bi-cameral legislature on Friday elected key figures from the country's violent past to head the two chambers in the country's first post-war parliament.... Full Report... Email Report

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