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AFGHANISTAN: No alternative to opium, say farmers, 10/Feb/06
KANDAHAR, 10 February (IRIN) - Sitting in his neighbour's swirling field of poppy, wearing dusty clothes, farmer Abdul Qauom, 32, is keen to find an alternative crop that will earn him a living after his two hectares of opium fields were recently destroyed by state security... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Education crisis in the south with 200 schools closed, 8/Feb/06
KANDAHAR, 8 February (IRIN) - Sitting in her windowless, smoke-blackened classroom, Zubaida, 15, a ninth grade student, is happy to attend school again after an arson attack destroyed her secondary school in southern Kandahar two weeks ago.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Criticism of NGO de-registration, 8/Feb/06
KABUL, 8 February (IRIN) - Civic groups in Afghanistan expressed varying reactions to a decision by the government on Tuesday to de-register some 1,600 NGOs in the post-conflict country. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Suicide bomber kills 13, 7/Feb/06
KANDAHAR, 7 February (IRIN) - A suicide bomber killed 13 and wounded 13 others when he blew himself up at police headquarters in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, officials said on Tuesday.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Government to have greater control over aid pledged in London, 2/Feb/06
KABUL, 2 February (IRIN) - The Afghan government looks set to have more control over aid worth US $10.5 billion pledged at the London donor conference for the rehabilitation of the war-ravaged country, officials said on Thursday.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Donor conference boost morale – but huge challenges remain, 1/Feb/06
KABUL, 1 February (IRIN) - Afghans welcomed further pledges of support from international donors at a key conference in London this week, but called on further government reforms to fight widespread corruption, opium trade and poverty in the post-conflict state.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Rights body condemns recent attacks on teachers and schools, 31/Jan/06
KABUL, 31 January (IRIN) - The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Monday condemned recent attacks on educational institutions and called on the government to ensure the safety of teachers, pupils and school premises. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Snowstorms kill 18 in the north, 31/Jan/06
KABUL, 31 January (IRIN) - Severe winter weather in Afghanistan has killed at least 18 people in the northeastern province of Badakhshan, officials confirmed on Tuesday. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: US soldier found guilty of prisoner abuse, 30/Jan/06
KABUL, 30 January (IRIN) - A court martial has found a US serviceman in Afghanistan guilty of mistreating detainees and sentenced him to four months detention, the US military said on Saturday. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Pervasive gender gaps need urgent addressing, says World Bank, 26/Jan/06
KABUL, 26 January (IRIN) - A new World Bank report has warned that reconstruction and development in post-conflict Afghanistan will be severely affected unless pervasive gender gaps are addressed.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN-IRAN-PAKISTAN: EU allocates €20 million for Afghan refugees and IDPs, 26/Jan/06
KABUL, 26 January (IRIN) - The European Union (EU) has allocated €20 million (US $24 million) in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan and areas of neighbouring Pakistan and Iran to boost refugees' conditions.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: UN warns of bird flu risk, 24/Jan/06
KABUL, 24 January (IRIN) - The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has warned that Afghanistan is at risk from avian influenza, also known as bird flu, and has called for US $1.5 million in donor assistance to thwart a possible outbreak of the disease.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: TV channel rejects government allegations of improper broadcasting, 23/Jan/06
KABUL, 23 January (IRIN) - A private Afghan television channel on Monday rejected government allegations that it had broadcast non-Islamic material after being fined US $1,000 by the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) for showing Bollywood clips.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Government to present five-year development plan at London conference, 23/Jan/06
KABUL, 23 January (IRIN) - The Afghan government will present a five-year development plan to its international supporters at a key conference in London at the end of this month, officials at the Afghan foreign ministry confirmed on Monday in the capital, Kabul.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Diplomats visit new Provincial Reconstruction Team in Panjshir province, 23/Jan/06
KABUL, 23 January (IRIN) - Diplomats of various countries have visited the first PRT headed by a US civilian in the northern Panjshir province to observe reconstruction efforts in the area, a statement by the US-led Coalition forces said on Sunday.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Amnesty International condemns the killing of civilians in south, 19/Jan/06
KABUL, 19 January (IRIN) - Amnesty International (AI) on Wednesday condemned a recent spate of civilian killings in southern Afghanistan, calling on the government to take solid measures to investigate these crimes and to bring those responsible to justice.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Coalition forces install windmills in south, 19/Jan/06
KABUL, 19 January (IRIN) - US-led coalition forces are installing windmills across southern Afghanistan to provide farmers with water 24 hours a day, a statement released from the Bagram airfield said on Thursday.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: National police to open first family response unit , 17/Jan/06
KABUL, 17 January (IRIN) - In an effort to reduce violence against women, the Afghan National Police (ANP) is set to inaugurate the first ever Family Response Unit (FRU) in the post-conflict nation.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Landslide kills 13 in the north, 16/Jan/06
KABUL, 16 January (IRIN) - A landslide triggered by heavy rain and snow killed at least 13 people in a remote village in the northern Sar-e-Pol province, Afghan officials confirmed on Sunday.... Full Report... Email Report

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