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Friday 25 June 2004
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SOUTH AFRICA: Local AIDS activists join international protests, 24/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 24 June (PLUSNEWS) - South African AIDS activist group, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), was on Thursday part of a global protest demanding US President George W Bush... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Anti-AIDS treatment plan on track, 24/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 24 June (PLUSNEWS) - The health department of South Africa's North West province has announced that a comprehensive plan to roll out HIV/AIDS treatment was already in... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Condom distribution in schools considered, 24/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 24 June (PLUSNEWS) - The department of education in South Africa's Western Cape province is considering making condoms more accessible to sexually active school pupils. ... Email Report

KENYA: World Bank reaffirms AIDS funding commitment, 24/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 24 June (PLUSNEWS) - Commitment to funding Kenya's HIV/AIDS programme was on Thursday reaffirmed by the World Bank. However, the Bank said it was concerned that a state... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Alarm over HIV prevalence in armed forces, 24/Jun/04
HARARE, 24 June (PLUSNEWS) - Health workers in Zimbabwe have called for increased efforts to stem the high number of AIDS-related deaths in the armed forces. The recently... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Student finances affected by HIV/AIDS, 23/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 23 June (PLUSNEWS) - HIV/AIDS-related illness and deaths among South Africa's university students have resulted in a debt of more than US $1,2 million to the National... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Sanlam warns of AIDS economic time bomb, 23/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 23 June (PLUSNEWS) - The HIV/AIDS pandemic is an economic time bomb that poses a major threat to the profitability of companies in South Africa, the country's second... Email Report

KENYA: Withheld funds cripples AIDS planning, 23/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 23 June (PLUSNEWS) - Kenya's National AIDS Control Council (NACC) has suffered a major setback in its planned HIV/AIDS programming following the World Bank's decision to... Email Report

ZAMBIA: Expert advises against forced HIV testing, 23/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 23 June (PLUSNEWS) - Zambia's Integrated Health Programme (ZHIP) has said mandatory HIV testing could do little to broaden access to treatment for people living with... Email Report

NAMIBIA: AIDS discrimination in health care system - study, 22/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 22 June (PLUSNEWS) - State clinics and health workers in Namibia have been accused of maltreatment and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. According a... Email Report

COTE D IVOIRE: Loan suspension disrupts planned AIDS projects, 22/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 22 June (PLUSNEWS) - Planned HIV/AIDS and disarmament programmes have been disrupted in Cote d'ivoire following the World Bank's suspension of more than US $150 million in... Email Report

UGANDA: Children's organisation pledges AIDS millions, 22/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 22 June (PLUSNEWS) - An international children's aid organisation, the Christian Children's Fund (CCF), has pledged more than US $22 million over four years to tackle... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Youth see anal sex as safe alternative - report, 22/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 22 June (PLUSNEWS) - Young South Africans are interpreting oral and anal sex as safe because they are not mentioned in HIV/AIDS prevention messages, an expert has said. ... Email Report

LIBERIA: AIDS survey expected within the year, 22/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 22 June (PLUSNEWS) - A survey to assess Liberia's HIV/AIDS prevalence rate could take place within six to 12 months, the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) has... Email Report

NAMIBIA: UN urges step-up in AIDS efforts, 22/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 22 June (PLUSNEWS) - The UN special envoy for humanitarian needs in southern Africa, James Morris, has urged Namibia to step up efforts in tackling HIV/AIDS. Speaking... Email Report

WEST AFRICA: World Bank approves million-dollar fund for AIDS, 22/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 22 June (PLUSNEWS) - The World Bank has provided US $60 million to fund the first-ever project that focuses primarily on AIDS in Africa, providing improved access to HIV... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: University AIDS programmes under discussion, 21/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 21 June (PLUSNEWS) - The results of an audit on HIV/AIDS programmes at South African tertiary institutions will highlight weaknesses in some of the poorer universities, a... Email Report

NIGERIA: HIV/AIDS eradicating military - study, 21/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 21 June (PLUSNEWS) - HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in Nigeria's military and police forces, a study carried out among 500 naval officers has suggested. The... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Peace needed to tackle AIDS - former president, 21/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 21 June (PLUSNEWS) - Former Ethiopian President Negaso Gidada has said that peace was essential in the struggle against HIV/AIDS. Speaking recently at the Headquarters... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: AIDS drug tenders expected by August, 21/Jun/04
JOHANNESBURG, 21 June (PLUSNEWS) - South African Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has said the tendering process for awarding supply contracts to AIDS drug manufacturers will be... Email Report


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