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Tuesday 21 February 2006
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SOUTH AFRICA: Govt AIDS awareness campaign paying dividends, 21/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 21 February (PLUSNEWS) - The South African Ministry of Health is upbeat over results from its HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang said... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: First accredited prison anti-AIDS site unveiled, 21/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 21 February (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa has unveiled its first accredited prison-based HIV/AIDS treatment site just outside Bloemfontein in the Free State province, the official... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: AIDS fight receives US financial support, 21/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 21 February (PLUSNEWS) - Deputy US Global AIDS Coordinator Mark Dybul has announced an additional $20.5 million to help Zimbabwe tackle HIV/AIDS. During a recent visit to... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Govt adopts more focused approach to help orphans, 21/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 21 February (PLUSNEWS) - The South African government has begun addressing some of the problems over its delivery of social services, particularly help to orphans and... Email Report

SWAZILAND: Some progress made - Lewis, 17/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 17 February (PLUSNEWS) - The UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, Stephen Lewis this week commended the progress made in Swaziland's fight against HIV/AIDS. "The... Email Report

SWAZILAND: Increased AIDS funding despite poor donor response - King, 15/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 15 February (PLUSNEWS) - Swazi King Mswati III plans to allocate increased funding for HIV/AIDS prevention programmes and initiatives aimed at orphans and vulnerable children,... Email Report

SWAZILAND: Young heroes website appeals for help for AIDS orphans, 14/Feb/06
MBABANE, 14 February (PLUSNEWS) - The web page is as brightly coloured as a primary school text book, but the images conjure the anxiety of abandonment and uncertainty that any child... Email Report

BOTSWANA: Lukewarm response to HIV discordance study, 14/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 14 February (PLUSNEWS) - Botswana's 'Netefatso' study, which monitors HIV transmission among couples in so-called 'sero-discordant' relationships (where one partner is... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Fears over AIDS project handover pacified, 14/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 14 February (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa says there is no need for alarm over the gradual pullout by the international medical NGO, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), from its... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Govt backs free will on herbal AIDS remedies, 14/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 14 February (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa's Ministry of Health has put its support behind people choosing to use traditional HIV/AIDS treatments instead of scientifically proven... Email Report

NAMIBIA: Inheritance rights still a thorny issue, 14/Feb/06
WINDHOEK, 14 February (PLUSNEWS) - When Barakias Shangheta, 17, heard that his father had died at the local hospital in Okakarara, a village northeast of the Namibian capital, Windhoek,... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: School condom restriction accompanies US funding, 13/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 February (PLUSNEWS) - US funds for HIV/AIDS in South Africa are not to be used for the promotion of condom use in schools, the local Star newspaper has reported. Mark... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: UK stresses importance of international aid promises, 13/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 February (PLUSNEWS) - British Prime Minister Tony Blair this week pledged to press world leaders to do more to tackle famine, conflict and disease in Africa. Blair... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Sexual activity among young Anglican churchgoers revealed, 13/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 February (PLUSNEWS) - Anglican teenagers in South Africa's Western Cape province are almost as sexually active as their peers outside the church, according to a new survey.... Email Report

ZAMBIA: ARV rollout - quality not quantity?, 13/Feb/06
LUSAKA, 13 February (PLUSNEWS) - As the Zambian government takes stock of its progress in providing treatment to its HIV-positive citizens during 2005, activists and health officials... Email Report

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Armed forces to tackle impact of HIV/AIDS, 13/Feb/06
WINDHOEK, 13 February (PLUSNEWS) - The impact of AIDS on the military has been a topic African armed forces have preferred to keep under wraps, concerned with issues of national... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: University anti-AIDS treatment plan hits snag, 10/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 10 February (PLUSNEWS) - An initiative by South Africa's University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) to provide treatment to HIV-positive students has struck a snag, according to the... Email Report

AFRICA: Gilead not meeting cheap ARV promise - MSF, 10/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 10 February (PLUSNEWS) - Multinational drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences is yet to reduce the cost of its antiretroviral drug, Viread, in developing countries, international... Email Report

AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 270, 10 February 2006, 10/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 10 February (PLUSNEWS) - NEWS: CHAD: Worries about AIDS funding crunch after World Bank spat... Email Report

AFRICA: US global AIDS treatment plan making strides, 9/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 9 February (PLUSNEWS) - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says efforts to increase HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment in developing nations are expanding at a... Email Report


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