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Friday 15 December 2006
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KENYA: Urgent action needed to avert resistant TB - activists, 13/Dec/06
NAIROBI, 13 December (PLUSNEWS) - Kenya risks falling victim to new, drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB), found elsewhere on the continent, if the government fails to take the... Email Report

SUDAN: Darfur at risk of mounting HIV/AIDS epidemic, 7/Dec/06
KHARTOUM, 7 December (PLUSNEWS) - The United Nations is raising awareness about HIV/AIDS in Sudan, but has warned that infection rates may be on the rise in the unstable Darfur region.... Email Report

TANZANIA: African Muslim clerics divided on condom use , 6/Dec/06
STONE TOWN, ZANZIBAR , 6 December (PLUSNEWS) - Muslim clerics from 25 African countries failed to reach consensus on the use of condoms in preventing HIV/AIDS at a meeting on the semi-autonomous... Email Report

UGANDA: An HIV/AIDS campaign in crisis?, 4/Dec/06
KAMPALA, 4 December (PLUSNEWS) - Uganda's success in lowering its HIV/AIDS level, lauded as a rare African achievement, could be unravelling. The latest UNAIDS statistics show rising... Email Report

KENYA: Government introduces combination therapy for PMTCT , 4/Dec/06
NAIROBI, 4 December (PLUSNEWS) - HIV-positive pregnant women in Kenya may soon receive the AIDS drug Zidovudine, also known as AZT, alongside single-dose Nevirapine, a combination... Email Report

AFRICA: Time for a rethink on AIDS campaigns - UNAIDS, 1/Dec/06
DAKAR, 1 December (PLUSNEWS) - Despite a boom in publicity campaigns on World AIDS Day, the disease continues to spread in Africa because basic details about the illness are not... Email Report

KENYA: Activists upset as UK introduces TB screening for visa applicants, 30/Nov/06
NAIROBI, 30 November (PLUSNEWS) - AIDS activists in Kenya are calling for the United Kingdom (UK) to repeal a recent decision to introduce tuberculosis screening for Kenyans applying... Email Report

KENYA: Rising drug, alcohol abuse threatens HIV/AIDS gains, 29/Nov/06
NAIROBI, 29 November (PLUSNEWS) - Kenya recorded a drop in HIV prevalence from 6.1 percent in 2005 to 5.9 in 2006 but rising substance abuse could reverse advances made in the fight... Email Report

RWANDA: Locals taking AIDS orphans, widows under their wing, 23/Nov/06
KIGALI, 23 November (PLUSNEWS) - The continued poverty and suffering in Rwanda, 12 years after the genocide, is spurring local people to take responsibility for orphans rather than... Email Report

UGANDA: HIV/AIDS rising amid extreme poverty of north's IDP camps, 21/Nov/06
KAMPALA, 21 November (PLUSNEWS) - Rebel attacks in northern Uganda over the last 20 years have shattered basic healthcare services, hitting HIV-positive people in need of... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Funeral associations - for the living as well as the dead, 21/Nov/06
ADDIS ABABA, 21 November (PLUSNEWS) - Support for Ethiopian families affected by the AIDS pandemic has come from an unexpected source - local funeral associations, known as edirs. An... Email Report

UGANDA: Interview with Maj Felix Kulayigye, defence force spokesman , 15/Nov/06
KAMPALA, 15 November (PLUSNEWS) - For the past two decades the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) has been at war with rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army in the north of the... Email Report

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