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UZBEKISTAN: Forced labour continues in cotton industry, 9/Dec/05
ANDIJAN, 9 December (IRIN) - As this year’s cotton-picking season wraps up in Uzbekistan, the authorities in the Ferghana Valley region have come under criticism for continuing the practice of using government employees and child labour to harvest the country’s main cash crop. ... Full Report... Email Report

UZBEKISTAN: Campaign to halt the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS begins, 1/Dec/05
TASHKENT, 1 December (IRIN) - When Dilnara tested HIV positive she was told by the doctor not to mix with “normal people”. With little access to information or counselling, she believed the doctor and stayed at home for a year, frightened and alone. “I was ignorant about HIV. But... Full Report... Email Report

UZBEKISTAN: New closed trials for Andijan accused, 1/Dec/05
ANKARA, 1 December (IRIN) - New trials connected with the May uprising in the eastern Uzbek city of Andijan have started in Uzbekistan, with 58 people charged with terrorism, religious extremism and other serious crimes in four separate closed court hearings, the country’s... Full Report... Email Report

UZBEKISTAN: Concern over jailed opposition leader, 29/Nov/05
ANKARA, 29 November (IRIN) - The arrested leader of a pro-reform opposition block in Uzbekistan is still being interrogated in custody and needs medical care, his lawyer said on Tuesday.... Full Report... Email Report

UZBEKISTAN: NATO ban will not impact on Afghan operations, 25/Nov/05
KABUL, 25 November (IRIN) - A decision by Uzbekistan to no longer allow European North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members to use its territory or airspace, would not have an impact on the work of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) - currently led by... Full Report... Email Report

UZBEKISTAN: EBRD to stay, 22/Nov/05
ANKARA, 22 November (IRIN) - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), one of the largest foreign investors in Uzbekistan, has refuted claims it was considering closing down its operations as a result of deteriorating political circumstances inside the... Full Report... Email Report

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