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GREAT LAKES: Region yet to discuss rebel menace, 28/Oct/05
KAMPALA, 28 October (IRIN) - A meeting of representatives of the governments of Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda on ways of handling foreign armed groups based in northeastern DRC did not take place on Thursday in Uganda as had been announced earlier,... Full Report... Email Report

BURUNDI-RWANDA: "Asylum seekers" need urgent relief aid, UN official says, 26/Oct/05
BUJUMBURA, 26 October (IRIN) - Some 1,110 Rwandans who have sought refuge in northern Burundi urgently need relief aid, an official of Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said on Tuesday.... Full Report... Email Report

RWANDA: Ex-president appeals against imprisonment, 25/Oct/05
KIGALI, 25 October (IRIN) - Rwanda's first post-genocide president, Pasteur Bizimungu, appeared before the country's Supreme Court on Tuesday, seeking to quash a 15-year prison sentence handed down to him by a lower court.... Full Report... Email Report

RWANDA: "Genocide mastermind" begins testifying, 24/Oct/05
ARUSHA, 24 October (IRIN) - The former director of the cabinet in the Rwanda's Ministry of Defence and alleged architect of the 1994 genocide began his testimony on Monday before the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in the northern Tanzanian town of Arusha.... Full Report... Email Report

BURUNDI-RWANDA: Officials agree to repatriate "asylum seekers", 18/Oct/05
BUJUMBURA, 18 October (IRIN) - Burundian and Rwandan government officials agreed on Monday to the eventual repatriation of some 3,225 Rwandans who have sought refuge in northern Burundi.... Full Report... Email Report

RWANDA: New farming project to benefit 75,000 in rural areas, 10/Oct/05
NAIROBI, 10 October (IRIN) - A US $8.4 million project, under which several innovative farming methods will be tested, is set to benefit at least 75,000 Rwandans living in rural areas, the International Fund for Agricultural Development has said.... Full Report... Email Report

RWANDA: Refugees return from Uganda, 6/Oct/05
KIGALI, 6 October (IRIN) - Some 171 Rwandan refugees, most of whom fled their country during the 1994 genocide, have returned from neighbouring Uganda, an official of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, told IRIN on Wednesday.... Full Report... Email Report

DRC-RWANDA: Kigali says it not responsible for mass killings, 6/Oct/05
KIGALI, 6 October (IRIN) - A senior Rwandan government official dismissed on Thursday allegations that the army was responsible for a massacre nearly 10 years ago of hundreds of people in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, whose bodies were discovered recently in mass... Full Report... Email Report

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