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Tuesday December 27 2005





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NAMIBIA: OVC population to double in 15 years, 19/Dec/05
WINDHOEK, 19 December (IRIN) - The number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Namibia is expected to double over the next 15 years, a new UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) survey has warned. ... Full Report... Email Report

NAMIBIA: Farmer to challenge expropriation of land, 13/Dec/05
WINDHOEK, 13 December (IRIN) - The Namibian government's expropriation of two more farms, as part of its ongoing land reform programme, is to be challenged before a land tribunal.... Full Report... Email Report

NAMIBIA: Bilateral talks on development aid postponed to 2006, 8/Dec/05
WINDHOEK, 8 December (IRIN) - Germany and Namibia have postponed talks in the capital, Windhoek, on the extension of bilateral development cooperation until early next year. ... Full Report... Email Report

NAMIBIA: National assembly approves 'Founding Father' status for Nujoma, 2/Dec/05
JOHANNESBURG, 2 December (IRIN) - Namibia's national assembly has passed a controversial new bill giving former President Sam Nujoma the status of 'Founding Father'. ... Full Report... Email Report

NAMIBIA: Germany's Herero reconciliation efforts rebuffed, 2/Dec/05
WINDHOEK, 2 December (IRIN) - The signing of an agreement between the Namibian and German governments concerning reparations for colonial rule is on hold until the various communities who suffered during that era have been consulted. The deal would have brought Euro 20 million... Full Report... Email Report

NAMIBIA: Controversy over "founding father" status for Nujoma, 28/Nov/05
JOHANNESBURG, 28 November (IRIN) - A move by Namibia's ruling party, the South West African People's Organisation (SWAPO), to confer the status of "Founding Father" on former president Sam Nujoma has sparked heated debate in the national assembly. ... Full Report... Email Report

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