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SOUTHERN AFRICA: Rising child deaths illustrate region's health crisis, 29/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 29 December (IRIN) - When Dr Keith Bolton treated children in the 1990s, the death of a patient was still relatively infrequent. As head of child health at South Africa's Coronation Hospital in Johannesburg, Bolton saw an average of one child die each week. ... Full Report... Email Report

IRAQ: Malfunctioning concrete factory makes locals' lives a misery, 29/Dec/04
SULAYMANIYAH, 29 December (IRIN) - On days when the south wind blows, the clothes that villagers in Lower Chaqishi, in the northern Iraqi governorate of Sulaymaniyah, hang up to dry come in whiter than white. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: 110 reported killed by tsunami in Somalia, 29/Dec/04
NAIROBI, 29 December (IRIN) - An estimated 110 people were killed in Somalia when the tsunami triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean on Sunday struck the Horn of Africa coastline, relief workers and local authorities said. ... Full Report... Email Report

UGANDA: LRA representatives meet northern regional leaders, promise peace, 29/Dec/04
KAMPALA, 29 December (IRIN) - Representatives of the rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA) met religious and civic leaders from the northern region of Acholi on Tuesday, ahead of proposed talks with Ugandan government officials and said they would like to end the conflict peacefully,... Full Report... Email Report

UGANDA: Road link to boost tourism in southern districts, 29/Dec/04
KAMPALA, 29 December (IRIN) - The road linking Uganda to the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, which is due to be resurfaced at a cost of €24 million (US $17,634,093), is likely to boost tourism in the southwestern Ugandan region, officials said. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Refugees and asylum seekers subjected to human rights abuses, 29/Dec/04
KABUL, 29 December (IRIN) - Afghan refugees in neighbouring countries and further afield continue to suffer human rights violations, rights advocates warned the Afghan government on Wednesday. ... Full Report... Email Report

YEMEN: Italy gives 150,000 euro boost to mine action programme, 29/Dec/04
SANA, 29 December (IRIN) - Yemen's mine action programme received a boost this week from the Italian government when it contributed a further 150,000 euros to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supported Mine Action Programme, in addition to its previous grant of... Full Report... Email Report

KYRGYZSTAN: Landslide villagers reluctant to resettle, 29/Dec/04
OSH, 29 December (IRIN) - "I do not want to move to another place. My parents were born here, I was born here and so were my children. I hope everything will be fine." So said an elderly man in Korol village in the Alai district of Osh region, where 250 families continue to... Full Report... Email Report

SUDAN: Clashes force WFP to suspend food convoys to Darfur //CORRECTED REPEAT// , 29/Dec/04
NAIROBI, 29 December (IRIN) - The World Food Programme (WFP) has suspended relief convoys carrying urgently needed food from central Sudan to the western region of Darfur as a result of an attack in neighbouring Kordofan, a WFP spokesperson said on Wednesday. ... Full Report... Email Report

CHAD: No big new influx of Darfur refugees yet, despite fresh fighting, 29/Dec/04
DAKAR, 29 December (IRIN) - Despite fears of a major new influx of refugees fleeing civil war in Sudan's Darfur region, only a trickle of people have entered the string of refugee camps located in the arid wastes of eastern Chad in recent weeks, aid officials told IRIN on... Full Report... Email Report

SYRIA: Micro-credit programme assists rural women, 28/Dec/04
DAMASCUS, 28 December (IRIN) - Hundreds of women across rural areas of Syria are reaping the benefits of a micro-credit programme run by the World Food Programme (WFP) since 1996. ... Full Report... Email Report

MALAWI: Mutharika meets his predecessor to ease tensions, 28/Dec/04
LILONGWE, 28 December (IRIN) - Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika met his predecessor Bakili Muluzi last week to iron out differences that have threatened the stability of the ruling party, the United Democratic Front (UDF). ... Full Report... Email Report

MALAWI: Fertiliser shortage sparks harvest concerns, 28/Dec/04
LILONGWE, 28 December (IRIN) - A shortage of fertiliser and the government's failure to complete distribution of free "starter packs" to poor farmers could jeopardise next year's harvest, the chairman of Malawi's parliamentary committee on agriculture warned last week. ... Full Report... Email Report

EAST AFRICA: Dozens die as tail end of tsunami slams coastal areas, 28/Dec/04
NAIROBI, 28 December (IRIN) - Dozens of people were killed when huge waves triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean slammed into coastal areas of Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania on Sunday, officials said. ... Full Report... Email Report

COTE D IVOIRE: Lingering crisis still threatens regional stability, 28/Dec/04
DAKAR, 28 December (IRIN) - Cote d'Ivoire almost relapsed into all-out civil war during 2004, raising fears that a fresh outbreak of full-scale hostilities could undermine security and stunt economic growth in several neighbouring countries. ... Full Report... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Govt moves to stem health sector brain drain, 28/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 28 December (IRIN) - The government of Zimbabwe hopes to stem the tide of medical professionals leaving the country through a new bill that allows for public sector health workers' salaries to be set separately from other civil servants. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Region must prepare for recurring drought, report, 28/Dec/04
MBABANE, 28 December (IRIN) - Southern Africa should prepare itself for recurring drought, likely to strike at least twice every decade, says a new report. ... Full Report... Email Report

IRAQ: IWPR trains new generation of journalists, 28/Dec/04
ARBIL, 28 December (IRIN) - The London-based Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) has set up training courses in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Arbil to teach locals the basics of objective news reporting. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Interview with chief adviser on refugees and returnees, 28/Dec/04
KABUL, 28 December (IRIN) - In an interview with IRIN, Habibullah Qadiri, the chief adviser to the Afghan government on refugees and returnees, said donor assistance was not enough to help the returnees reintegrate, while a lack of shelter and land remained problematic. ... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: ADB approves loan for Kashmir development, 28/Dec/04
ISLAMABAD, 28 December (IRIN) - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a US $57 million loan for a multi-sector rehabilitation and improvement project, aimed at improving the physical and social infrastructure in Pakistani-administered Kashmir. ... Full Report... Email Report


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