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SOMALIA: Severe malnutrition in drought-hit Wajid, 21/Feb/06
NAIROBI, 21 February (IRIN) - High levels of malnutrition have been reported among internally displaced people in Wajid, southern Somalia, a region that has been hit by severe food and water shortages as a result of prolonged drought, agencies said. ... Full Report... Email Report

DJIBOUTI: Struggling to cope with drought, 17/Feb/06
DJIBOUTIVILLE, 17 February (IRIN) - Sirad Mohammed sits outside her newly constructed shelter adjacent to the exclusive Gabode suburb of the capital, Djiboutiville, and watches her six children at play. ... Full Report... Email Report

ZAMBIA: Lack of funds hampers bird flu surveilliance, 17/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 17 February (IRIN) - Zambia's avian flu technical team is hamstrung by a shortage of funds, according to a government official. ... Full Report... Email Report

WESTERN SAHARA: Tens of thousands of refugees homeless after rains wipe out shelters, 16/Feb/06
DAKAR, 16 February (IRIN) - Aid agencies are rushing to help some 60,000 Western Sahara refugees after freak rains late last week wiped out houses and schools and damaged hospitals in camps in eastern Algeria.... Full Report... Email Report

BURUNDI: Food shortages, insecurity cause thousands to flee into Tanzania, 15/Feb/06
NAIROBI, 15 February (IRIN) - Thousands of Burundians have crossed the border into Tanzania since the beginning of the year, citing lack of food and security in their homes, an official of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has said. ... Full Report... Email Report

KYRGYZSTAN: Economic disparities driving inter-ethnic conflict, 15/Feb/06
ISKRA, 15 February (IRIN) - More than a week after clashes attributed to ethnic divisions that left six people injured in the Kyrgyz village of Iskra, around 70 km east of the capital, Bishkek, local people were still clearing up broken glass and pondering what was behind the... Full Report... Email Report

ANGOLA: Head count holds back refugee registration, and food, 15/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 15 February (IRIN) - Refugees returning to their home province of Bié in central Angola will have to wait for a head count before they can be registered and get access to food aid. ... Full Report... Email Report

NIGERIA: International experts deploy to help check bird flu spread, 15/Feb/06
KANO, 15 February (IRIN) - International health experts have deployed in northern Nigeria, where suspicious poultry deaths have been reported in eight northern states, with three states confirming cases of the deadly H5N1 virus. ... Full Report... Email Report

TANZANIA: Gov't in plea for food aid as drought bites, 14/Feb/06
DAR ES SALAAM, 14 February (IRIN) - With 3.7 million people at risk of food shortages due to drought, the government of Tanzania has appealed to donors for 100,000 tonnes of relief food. ... Full Report... Email Report

KYRGYZSTAN: Farming organic cotton gains popularity in the south, 14/Feb/06
JALAL-ABAD, 14 February (IRIN) - Many cotton growers in southern Kyrgyzstan are joining an organic farming drive in the area, with numbers up almost six times since the initiative kicked off in 2003.... Full Report... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: "Bread and Roses" protestors held, 14/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 14 February (IRIN) - More than 400 women have been arrested for protesting against high prices and unemployment over the past two days in Zimbabwe, after inflation shot past 600 percent. ... Full Report... Email Report

NIGERIA: Bird flu suspected in five more northern states , 14/Feb/06
ABUJA, 14 February (IRIN) - Health authorities in Nigeria began investigations into possible cases of bird flu in five more northern states on Tuesday as international aid and experts arrived to fight the spread of the deadly H5N1 virus.... Full Report... Email Report

DRC: Humanitarian action plan launched, 13/Feb/06
NAIROBI, 13 February (IRIN) - The United Nations and the European Commission are seeking US $681 million to meet the needs of 30 million vulnerable people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said on Monday. ... Full Report... Email Report

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Relief operation begins in Markounda - UN official, 13/Feb/06
BANGUI, 13 February (IRIN) - UN agencies and NGOs in Central African Republic have decided to begin relief aid operations to the country's northwest by first helping civilians in and around the border town of Markounda, a UN official said on Monday.... Full Report... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: WFP ambassador calls for more aid, 13/Feb/06
NAIROBI, 13 February (IRIN) - The first Arab woman goodwill ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, has called on donors to continue supporting food aid projects in Ethiopia. ... Full Report... Email Report

TAJIKISTAN: UN micro-credit project helps women in rural areas, 13/Feb/06
SARBDOR, 13 February (IRIN) - Proudly showing off her cow and calf in the village of Sarbdor, around 80 km west of the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, Mavliuda Madrahimova says that her livestock, an important source of diary products for her family, has been purchased thanks to a... Full Report... Email Report

NIGERIA: Children tested for human bird flu, 13/Feb/06
KADUNA, 13 February (IRIN) - Health officials in Nigeria have begun clinical investigation of a family in the northern state of Kaduna whose two children may have been infected with the H5N1 avian influenza virus, officials said on Sunday.... Full Report... Email Report

COTE D IVOIRE: UN’s Egeland to visit as food aid resumes in west, 13/Feb/06
ABIDJAN, 13 February (IRIN) - Jan Egeland, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, flies into Cote d’Ivoire on Tuesday for a first-hand look at relief problems on the ground after anti-UN protests last month disrupted aid.... Full Report... Email Report

NIGERIA: Poultry workers too afraid to take tests, 13/Feb/06
JAJI, 13 February (IRIN) - Frightened poultry workers on Monday shunned medical examinations for bird flu in northern Nigeria, where the presence of the deadly H5N1 virus which can affect humans was reported last week.... Full Report... Email Report

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Agencies plan food aid to bandit-prone areas, 10/Feb/06
BANGUI, 10 February (IRIN) - UN agencies in the Central African Republic began a meeting on Friday in the capital, Bangui, to put in place aid strategies for thousands of people in the bandit-hit northwestern provinces of Ouham and Ouham Pende.... Full Report... Email Report


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