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SENEGAL: On the lookout for bird flu in world’s third biggest reserve, 21/Feb/06
DJOUDJ, 21 February (IRIN) - As soon as Moussa Diouf saw the bird lying sick on the ground, the young man from a village on the edges of Senegal’s giant Djoudj bird reserve, dropped it in a plastic bag and dashed off post-haste to the main rangers’ office. He was worried the... Full Report... Email Report

ZAMBIA: Lack of funds hampers bird flu surveilliance, 17/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 17 February (IRIN) - Zambia's avian flu technical team is hamstrung by a shortage of funds, according to a government official. ... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Roots of the Balochistan conflict run deep, 16/Feb/06
QUETTA, 16 February (IRIN) - For two years, Faqir Hussain, 26, has been searching for a job. He goes about the task methodically from his tiny flat in the southern Pakistani city of Quetta, cutting out notices that appear each week in the Sunday newspapers and maintaining a... Full Report... Email Report

TAJIKISTAN: UN appeal for 2006 launched, 16/Feb/06
DUSHANBE, 16 February (IRIN) - The United Nations launched its appeal for Tajikistan for 2006 in the capital, Dushanbe, on Thursday, requesting more than US $51 million from international donors. ... Full Report... Email Report

TURKMENISTAN: Interview with United Nations Resident Representative, 15/Feb/06
ASHGABAT, 15 February (IRIN) - Richard Young is the United Nations' new Resident Representative in Turkmenistan. In an interview with IRIN in the capital, Ashgabat he spoke about the need to formulate an emergency preparedness plan for the earthquake-prone republic and about new... Full Report... Email Report

KYRGYZSTAN: Farming organic cotton gains popularity in the south, 14/Feb/06
JALAL-ABAD, 14 February (IRIN) - Many cotton growers in southern Kyrgyzstan are joining an organic farming drive in the area, with numbers up almost six times since the initiative kicked off in 2003.... Full Report... Email Report

NIGERIA: Poultry workers too afraid to take tests, 13/Feb/06
JAJI, 13 February (IRIN) - Frightened poultry workers on Monday shunned medical examinations for bird flu in northern Nigeria, where the presence of the deadly H5N1 virus which can affect humans was reported last week.... Full Report... Email Report

UGANDA: Environmentalists blame dams for draining L. Victoria, 10/Feb/06
KAMPALA, 10 February (IRIN) - Uganda's hydroelectric dams are draining Lake Victoria, causing its water levels to dwindle drastically, environmentalists have said. ... Full Report... Email Report

NIGERIA: “Nobody has told us that it is bird flu”, says farm official, 10/Feb/06
KANO, 10 February (IRIN) - As birds perish by the thousands in the northern Nigerian state of Kano, farmers and local officials say they are still waiting for the government to confirm whether they are dealing with an outbreak of the killer H5N1 bird flu virus.... Full Report... Email Report

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Arrival of bird flu sparks concern, 9/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 9 February (IRIN) - The arrival of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus strain in Nigeria has sparked concern over levels of preparedness and capacity to deal with a potential outbreak throughout southern Africa. ... Full Report... Email Report

WEST AFRICA: Africa’s poorest nations fight to ward off deadly bird flu, 9/Feb/06
DAKAR, 9 February (IRIN) - A string of West African nations on Thursday took action against the spread of the deadly bird flu virus following confirmation of an outbreak of the disease in Nigeria, the regional powerhouse.... Full Report... Email Report

NIGERIA: Bird flu virus spreads through north, 9/Feb/06
ABUJA, 9 February (IRIN) - The deadly H5N1 bird flu virus was confirmed in two more Nigerian states on Thursday as authorities grappled to contain the disease with quarantine orders and culling.... Full Report... Email Report

NIGERIA: First confirmed cases of killer bird flu in Kaduna, 8/Feb/06
ABUJA, 8 February (IRIN) - Tens of thousands of chickens have died of the killer bird flu virus in northern Nigeria, the first confirmed cases of H5N1 in the country, the International Organisation for Animal Health said on Wednesday.... Full Report... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: GM debate fought on cotton fields of KZN, 7/Feb/06
MAKHATHINI FLATS, 7 February (IRIN) - Taking a break from spraying his neat, one-hectare plot of young cotton plants with herbicide, Moses Mabika surveys the land that has been supporting his family for 45 years. He may not realise it, but he is standing at the epicenter of a heated... Full Report... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA-SWAZILAND: Marijuana - hope for the homeless, 3/Feb/06
MBABANE, 3 February (IRIN) - Marijuana grown in Swaziland could help house South Africa's homeless, according to an NGO working with residents in informal settlements.... Full Report... Email Report

MALAWI: Public works programme to combat poverty extended, 1/Feb/06
LILONGWE, 1 February (IRIN) - The European Union (EU) has helped the Malawian government launch a US $27 million public works programme to alleviate poverty and improve food security in the drought-affected country.... Full Report... Email Report

SWAZILAND: Urban cleanup response to unplanned settlements, 31/Jan/06
MBABANE, 31 January (IRIN) - The bulldozers are set to move in this week to clear a string of informal urban settlements as the Swazi government and local authorities clamp down on unplanned housing. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Drought bites southern region, 30/Jan/06
WAJID, 30 January (IRIN) - It took eight days for Nuriya Yusuf Ahmed and her family to walk the 115 km from Lahello village to a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) near Wajid town, southern Somalia. ... Full Report... Email Report

YEMEN: Water shortages a looming disaster, say experts, 24/Jan/06
SANA, 24 January (IRIN) - Abdulaziz Ahmad Ali stands on a dry hillside next to the water tanks that supply the village of al-Haima, a small hamlet of 120 people. But the tanks, part of a World Bank project set up five years ago, are empty because the pump is broken again,... Full Report... Email Report

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