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BURUNDI: Homes, schools for returnees inaugurated, 21/Feb/06
BUJUMBURA, 21 February (IRIN) - Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza has inaugurated 1,100 homes and two schools financed by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, in two previously war-torn southern provinces of the country.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Militants set fire to a school in southern Helmand, 21/Feb/06
KABUL, 21 February (IRIN) - Suspected Taliban militants have set fire to a school for some 1,500 boys in Afghanistan’s southern province of Helmand, officials confirmed on Tuesday. ... Full Report... Email Report

COTE D IVOIRE: Exams at last for 90,000 students left in limbo in rebel territory, 16/Feb/06
ABIDJAN, 16 February (IRIN) - After waiting more than three years to sit key exams because of Cote d’Ivoire’s unrelenting civil war, more than 90,000 school students left in limbo in rebel-held territory could be able to take the tests as soon as this month.... Full Report... Email Report

TURKMENISTAN: Interview with United Nations Resident Representative, 15/Feb/06
ASHGABAT, 15 February (IRIN) - Richard Young is the United Nations' new Resident Representative in Turkmenistan. In an interview with IRIN in the capital, Ashgabat he spoke about the need to formulate an emergency preparedness plan for the earthquake-prone republic and about new... Full Report... Email Report

MOZAMBIQUE: New measures needed to tackle education crisis, 13/Feb/06
MAPUTO, 13 February (IRIN) - Despite years of interventions designed to turn around Mozambique's historically poor education system, the 2006 school year has kicked off to a dismal start, sparking debate about proposed plans to solve the countries chronic teacher shortages. ... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: Rubber plantation workers strike over conditions, pay, child labour, 10/Feb/06
HARBEL, 10 February (IRIN) - Angry workers have downed tools at Liberia’s largest rubber plantation, owned by Bridgestone/Firestone, saying that wages are so low that children as young as seven years old are being forced to help their parents meet production quotas.... Full Report... Email Report

JORDAN: Rights group launches drive to curb early marriage, 9/Feb/06
AMMAN, 9 February (IRIN) - A leading Jordanian rights group has launched the country's first ever public campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of early marriage.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Education crisis in the south with 200 schools closed, 8/Feb/06
KANDAHAR, 8 February (IRIN) - Sitting in her windowless, smoke-blackened classroom, Zubaida, 15, a ninth grade student, is happy to attend school again after an arson attack destroyed her secondary school in southern Kandahar two weeks ago.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Criticism of NGO de-registration, 8/Feb/06
KABUL, 8 February (IRIN) - Civic groups in Afghanistan expressed varying reactions to a decision by the government on Tuesday to de-register some 1,600 NGOs in the post-conflict country. ... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Rights environment grim, says report, 6/Feb/06
ISLAMABAD, 6 February (IRIN) - A growing militarisation of society, coupled with an increased lack of transparency in matters of governance, has contributed to a grim human rights situation in the country, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said in a new report on... Full Report... Email Report

GUINEA-BISSAU: Dispute over pay threatens school year, 6/Feb/06
BISSAU, 6 February (IRIN) - Teachers in the tiny West African state of Guinea-Bissau have suspended a strike over arrears, but students who began the year weeks late due to a cholera epidemic fear the lingering dispute may nullify the academic year.... Full Report... Email Report

NAMIBIA: Call for education sector reforms, 2/Feb/06
WINDHOEK, 2 February (IRIN) - Another abysmally low final school examination pass rate has sparked calls for Namibia's education sector to be reformed. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Government to have greater control over aid pledged in London, 2/Feb/06
KABUL, 2 February (IRIN) - The Afghan government looks set to have more control over aid worth US $10.5 billion pledged at the London donor conference for the rehabilitation of the war-ravaged country, officials said on Thursday.... Full Report... Email Report

TANZANIA: Zanzibar parliament endorses new education policy, 1/Feb/06
ZANZIBAR, STONE TOWN, 1 February (IRIN) - Members of the House of Representatives of the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar have endorsed a new education policy intended to make major reforms, including allowing students who fall pregnant to resume their studies after giving birth. ... Full Report... Email Report

MALAWI: Abuse of women and girls a national shame, 1/Feb/06
JOHANNESBURG, 1 February (IRIN) - A recent study and several well-publicised cases of gender violence have raised concern in Malawi, with the president and aid agencies calling for urgent action to address the problem.... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Donor conference boost morale – but huge challenges remain, 1/Feb/06
KABUL, 1 February (IRIN) - Afghans welcomed further pledges of support from international donors at a key conference in London this week, but called on further government reforms to fight widespread corruption, opium trade and poverty in the post-conflict state.... Full Report... Email Report

IRAQ: After years of discord, Najaf enjoys record development, 29/Jan/06
NAJAF, 29 January (IRIN) - After years of suppression under the regime of Saddam Hussein and fighting between local militias and occupation forces since 2003, the city of Najaf has finally begun to enjoy the fruits of development.... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: USAID to build 60 schools in quake area, 24/Jan/06
ISLAMABAD, 24 January (IRIN) - As part of its reconstruction efforts, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will construct over 60 schools and 20 health units in quake-affected areas of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and... Full Report... Email Report

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